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6 of the best... twists on a classic hot chocolate, for a warming drink on a cold night
Where did you come from, baby? How did you know I needed you?
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Freddo hot chocolate is a real thing and it's already arrived in Belfast
Well, well, well.
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7 tasty places to grab a festive take-away coffee while you Christmas shop
Don’t worry – there are other festive drinks in there, too.
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Sexy chocolate knickers are now a thing
We have many questions.
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The 8 chocolatey-est hot chocolates in Galway
And by ‘chocolatey-est’, we mean ‘best’.
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9 wonderful ways to combine hot chocolate with booze
A match made in boozy chocolate heaven.
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The 8 chocolatey-est hot chocolates in Dublin
And by ‘chocolatey-est’, we mean ‘best’.
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The Green M&M has turned sexy and people are not OK with it
Like the idea of talking chocolate isn’t unsettling enough already.
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Seven out of ten Irish women prefer hot chocolate over sex
A Cadbury Ireland survey found Irish women prefer hot chocolate over hot loving, but is that true? YOU DECIDE.
You can now get your Instagram photos printed onto marshmallows
This is too much now. It’s gone too far.
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Hot chocolate tastes better in an orange cup
Does it matter what colour the cup, as long as the stuff inside is liquid heaven? Apparently, yes.