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12 household horrors your inner neat freak just can't cope with

How clean is YOUR house, eh?

1. Crusty toothpaste around the rim of the tube

Source: Wordpress

2. Finger prints on a touch screen

Source: SurfPK

3. Crumbs in the keyboard

Source: Flickr

4. That unnatural smell in the fridge

Source: DailyEdge.ie

5. Foreign bodies in the butter

6. Tea/Coffee watermarks on the table

Source: DailyEdge.ie

7. Unidentified sticky/greasy substances on the remote

Source: Flickr

8. Dishes stacked on top of the dishwasher/beside the sink

Source: Shutterstock

9. A wet towel left in a heap on the radiator

Source: Flickr

10. Or on the bed

Source: Wikimedia Commons

11. Hair in the bath/shower

Source: Blogspot

12. A toilet that hasn’t been flushed

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Now tell us, which household horrors keep you up cleaning until the wee hours?

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