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How can you tell if you're a dog person?

Allow us to help.

What do you see when you look at this?

Flickr/Creative Commons/Katie@!

A: A cute dog

B: Hairs all  over the blanket

How do you feel when you watch this?

A: Ugh, a cat

B: What a gas cat

What about this?


B: Meh

Does this kind of headline make you cry?

A: Yes

B: No

Who are you rooting for here?

A: The dog

B: The cat

Would you let a dog lick your face, even if you know he was doing this five minutes earlier?

A: Hell yeah

B: No way

But wait, what about this?

A: Yep, that’s fine too

B: No way, get that dog’s tongue off that baby’s face

How do these pictures make you feel?

Images: Dogshaming.com

A: You’re chuckling. Dogs are so cute

B: You’re annoyed. Look at the mess they made

What do you think of this dog?

A: What a cutie

B: What a dope

Are both of these dogs acceptable?


A: Yes. They are beautiful

B: No. Only the small cute one

The weather looks like this… how do you feel about bringing the dog for a walk?

A: Grand, he loves getting out

B: I’m not doing it. He can hold it in

Well, how did you do?

If you got mostly As, then you’re probably a dog person.

If you got mostly Bs, then maybe you should stick to plants or cats or fish or something.

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