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How Embarrassing Are You In A Nightclub?

We are often there of a Saturday night, we need to know how we come across.


1. Have you ever danced into a crowd of people you don't know?
Yes, I believe I have - and will do again
No, I would have to know somebody in said crowd

I might have - I can't remember all my moves
I try to avoid the dancefloor at all times
2. Have you ever ordered shots at the bar and suddenly realised you had no money on you?
No, always have my card
This has happened to me, for shame
3. You are successfully getting the shift. Congrats. But do you know their name?
I do not
Yes. Certainly I do

I think it begins with a C, but could be any letter in the alphabet really
It's my significant other so yes, I do
4. Have you ever slow danced in the middle of a banging dancefloor?
Yes. Yes I have
5. The smoking area is a place for...
Smoking. Obviously
I'm too busy at the bar

Having the absolute craic
I'm too busy on the dancefloor
6. Which of these songs is most likely to get you up on the dancefloor?
Anything by Beyoncé
Wagon Wheel

Maniac 2000
Hey Ya! by Outkast
7. When the DJ stops playing music do you...
Stick around and have the craic until forced to leave
Shout "ONE MORE TUNE" belligerently

Try desparately to get another drink at the bar
Keep dancing
8. And finally... how long do you hang around on the street outside the nightclub after?
No time at all. Food to be had
As long as there is outdoor craic to be had

Straight home in a taxi
About half an hour! It's like a street party
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
You are very cool
Everyone loves seeing you come into the nightclub - they know they are in for some serious craic and you won't absolutely make a show of yourself and the family. Cherish this nightclub status.
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You scored out of !
You are presentable
You can dance OK and you rarely make a show of yourself. When friends spot you in the nightclub - they are actually happy to see you. Keep up the good work.
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You are a nightmare
Honestly, things aren't going well for you in the nightclub these days. But that can all change quickly with a few good nights at the bar and no majorly embarrassing incidents. Go forth and try to stay classy.
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You scored out of !
You are truly embarrassing
When you do happen to be allowed into the club, your dance moves are questionable and you may or may not clumsily spill your drink over everyone you meet. Things need to get better - for the sake of all nightclubs everywhere.
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