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Quiz: How well do you know your dance crazes?
Get your steps right.
The Irish For: How did Irish céilí dancing end up with a waltz but no tango?
Dances and words travel between cultures in a similar way, writes Darach Ó Séaghdha.
Tom Clonan: My dance debut tonight will bring me back to conflict's heart of darkness
‘My tour of duty as an Irish peacekeeper was brutal, violent and profoundly shocking. It changed me. I never came back.’
'We were told she wouldn't walk': Young girl beats odds and competes in dance competition
Seven year old Ava O’Donovan was born with Spina Bifida.
Elderly South Korean cheerleaders offer glimpse of world's longest-living women
“Because I come here, I don’t need to take any medicine,” said 82-year-old Oh Geum-Nyu.
People are f*cking terrified of the orange heads in the new Mace ad
“That new Mace ad is probably what happens if you took half a bag of LSD at the deli counter”
Ireland's going to get its own version of Strictly Come Dancing
RTÉ announced this evening that it will bring the show to our screens.
This beautiful love story from Humans of Dublin has touched hearts on Facebook
“I started dancing when I was ten years old. I met beautiful people throughout my whole life because of it.”
6 things you may not have known about Deaf culture
We got an exceptional insight into the deaf community through deaf dance instructor Chris Fonseca. Here’s what we learned.
6 things you may not have known about Deaf culture
We got an exceptional insight into the deaf community through deaf dance instructor Chris Fonseca. Here’s what we learned.
Take a break and watch this 106-year-old dance with the Obamas
Virginia McLaurin fulfilled a dream of visiting the White House.
An enthusiastically dancing 'dad' was the real star of the Super Bowl
Look at his happy little FACE.
"You don't do it down the supermarket": An Irish lawyer on taking up contemporary dance classes
Professional dancer Sibéal Davitt (pictured) also tells us how dance classes helped her follow her dreams.
11 things guaranteed to go out the window on an Irish night out
Stop lying to yourselves.
China wants to crack down on middle-aged women dancing in public
The Chinese government is introducing a “public square dancing management mechanism”.
Shane MacGowan's after breaking his pelvis doing a 'complicated dance move'
We’ve all been that soldier.
People are loving these three guys Irish dancing at UCC
Legs flying everywhere.
8 of the best places in Dublin to go for a bop tonight
I’m in the mood for dancing…
Watch this man having an absolute whale of a time dancing at Longitude
Take this house to the max-i-mum…
This guy dancing at Longitude has become Ireland's newest hero
Like nobody’s watching…
10 people you meet on every Irish dancefloor
Which one are you?
Japan has overturned a 67-year-old law banning dancing after midnight
It was introduced to protect the country’s youth from the more liberal attitudes of US citizens.
Man does the same dance routine at 100 different locations...
… and it’s probably the best video you’ll see all day.
These two Cavan lads do a mean version of the cheeky 'towel dance'
Oooh, matron!
George Hook went on the Late Late and danced like a gangster
He’ll do himself a mischief with this carry on.
This guy tried to interrupt a girl's mesmerising dancing, and got the epic brush off
No son. Just, no.
Michael Flatley’s €90k tap art didn’t go down too well on the Late Late last night
Yes. He now paints with his feet.
How Embarrassing Are You In A Nightclub?
We are often there of a Saturday night, we need to know how we come across.
This little girl enthusiastically dancing to hip-hop is you in the club on Friday night
“Do you hear the bass?”
Watch a flight attendant do a cringey dance to Uptown Funk to entertain passengers
The video is now going viral. SCARLEH.
Footage of Ryan Gosling dancing as a 12 year-old has gone super viral
He was wearing MC Hammer pants as well.
Dad of the year turns baby daughter into unbearably cute Lord of the Dance
This is amazing.
Joan Burton dancing and Enda Kenny shuffling are the funniest things you'll see today
Cannot be unseen.
You have to see this major ballet star dancing to Hozier's Take Me To Church
Ballet goes rock.
Subway dancers mark the end of an era in Irish filmmaker's documentary
Performing on the subway is no longer allowed but these talented dancers say they’ll find other ways to show the world what they’re capable of.
Little kid outshines everyone else at wedding with amazing dance move
We dare you to try this next time you’re in da club.
Little girl inspires joyous dance party in New York subway
Everybody get up!
Iranian girl protests strict hijab laws by breakdancing on Tehran subway
Pop lock and drop it.
Everyone is STILL talking about Taylor Swift's awkward dancing at the AMAs
She’s making the moves up as she goes (moves up as she goes).
Mad yoke hockey fan is SO ready for the weekend
W-w-w-what are you doing to that bear?