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How Embarrassing Were You As A Teen?


mizzmagazine Source: Instagram/ruthwilsonfanpage

1. Were you a rebellious teenager?
Oh no. I was very afraid of getting into trouble.
I tested the waters once or twice, but never went really mad.

My parents thought I was good, but I wasn't. LOL.
Everything I could possibly rebel against, I rebelled against.
2. Which part of teen magazines did you always read first?
The makeup tutorials. I NEEDED frosted lip gloss and crimped hair.
The Cringe pages. I was bad, but at least I wasn't THAT bad.

The flirting tips! Touch his arm, lean towards him when you're talking to him, etc.
I didn't read them at all.
3. What did you write about in your diary?
I didn't keep one.
Long, detailed analysis of fights with my friends.

Long detailed analysis of the people I fancied.
Long, detailed analysis of fights with my parents.
4. Pick a genre of music you were passionate about as a teen.
PA Wire
Pop music/boybands

5. Did you, at any stage of your teenage life, ever pretend to be drunk?
Yes. Everyone else seemed to be drunk!
No, but that's because I was actually drunk.

No, that's stupid.
6. Did you ever lie about liking a TV show/film/band, in the hope of making someone fancy you?
Not that I can remember.
Just the once. BUT I DID MY RESEARCH.

Yes. And got caught out :(
All the time. I was good at it!
7. Pick a fashion trend you sported as a teen.
Flannel shirts
Octopus pants

Super baggy jeans
8. Did you ever rail against the 'normals' (because y'know, you were so 'alt')?
9. What was your hair like?
PA Wire
Spiked and/or bleached
Crispy mousse curls

Emo fringe
PA Wire
Long, long, long

Butterfly clipped
PA Wire
10. And finally, did you ever scream "IT'S NOT JUST A PHASE!" when it was clearly just a phase?
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
You weren't embarrassing at all.
How did you manage it? TELL US YOUR SECRETS!
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You scored out of !
You had a few cringey moments.
There was the crispy perm, and the obsession with Boyzone... But mostly you came out of your teen years unscathed. Congrats.
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You scored out of !
You were really embarrassing.
You were an occasional door-slammer, there was most definitely a phase of some sort, and you sighed more than was appropriate. But that's OK.
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You scored out of !
You were excruciatingly embarrassing.
"YOU'RE RUINING MY LIFE!" was your teenage catchphrase. Just admit it.
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