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How Grim Is Your Flat?

Take our quiz to find out.

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First things first, which of the following most closely resembles your kitchen?
Where do you keep your ironing board?
In a storage cupboard.
I usually just shove it behind a door somewhere and pray it doesn't come crashing down.

Please, I don't own an ironing board.
Your friends are coming over for dinner -- do you have enough chairs?
Eh, we should just about be covered. I hope. *sweats a bit*

No, but it's okay -- I'll stand.
Are there any bedrooms in your flat without windows?
What kind of heating do you have in your flat?
Central heating.
Storage heating.

A plug-in electric heater that smells like burnt toast :(
Does your flat have a black leather couch?
You betcha!
Eh, no.
Be honest - does your flat have a distinctive smell?
Yes and I am am blaming the previous owners.
There's a faint odour, but nothing that all houses don't have.

Where do you throw your rubbish?
Bin bag in the middle of the floor.
I separate my rubbish in my fancy recycling bin, thanks very much.

A bin I bought for €4.50
Finally, does your flat contain any mysterious doors?
...I don't think so.
Yes, there is a door that we thought led to a cupboard, but actually leads into the garden.

Yes, but I haven't opened it.
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
Your flat is grim as hell.
Sorry, but your flat is pretty grim. And seriously, what's that smell?
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You scored out of !
Your flat is a tiny bit grim.
Your flat is grand - no better, no worse. But at least it's not grim, right?
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You scored out of !
Your flat isn't grim at all!
Congratulations, you're practically living in a palace! Shout it from the rooftops!
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