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Here's how long it will take you to burn off those pancakes...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

TODAY IS THE day it is socially acceptable to eat pancakes for dinner.

But before you gorge yourself on too many, perhaps it’s worth bearing this in mind…

flora Source: Flora Henderson/Flickr

A basic pancake with just lemon and sugar has about 88 calories.

If you had two pancakes, that equates to 176 calories. To burn off that many calories, you would need to…

  • Walk briskly for one hour
  • Swim laps, freestyle, for 26 minutes 
  • Cycle leisurely for 45 minutes
  • Partake in some jazzercise for 30 minutes

rfduck Source: rfduck/Flickr

A pancake lathered in jam has approximately 200 calories.

Say you were to have two pancakes, that’s 400 calories. How will you burn them off?

  • Go for a 51-minute low intensity run. (Less than 5 mph)
  • Use the rowing machine at the gym for 1 hour
  • Step aerobics for 48 minutes
  • Clean the house for 2 hours (sure, you were meaning to do that anyway)

pancake Source: Adam Wyles/Flickr

Meanwhile, a single pancake with Nutella has 157 calories.

To burn off one pancake, one would have to…

  • Go for a 20 minute run 
  • Play soccer for 23 minutes
  • Take off on a slow-paced 1 hour walk
  • Juggle for 40 minutes (no, really)

juggling Source: mad-mengifs/Tumblr

As always, it is worth bearing in mind that burning calories is dependent on a number of factors, including height and weight.

Also, it’s Pancake Tuesday so don’t beat yourself up.

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All figures included here are based on a person who weighs 130lbs. For further information, visit here.

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