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So, just how many calories are in Starbucks' new Christmas drinks?

You might think twice before asking for a grande hot chocolate…

Untitled One Hot Chocolate (grande) has the same calories as 4.5 Club Milks :O Source: Starbucks/Instagram

IT’S NOVEMBER AND you know what that means: time for Starbucks’ ridiculous seasonal drinks!

This year, Starbucks has added four Christmas drinks to its menu — the eggnog latte, toffee nut latte, honey and almond hot chocolate, and gingerbread latte.

All sound kind of delicious, right? But how many calories do they have?

Let’s take a look…

Grande Signature Hot Chocolate (made with whole milk and served with whipped cream)

Hot chocolate.. perfect nightcap on this Thursday, spending time with friends.. #starbucks #starbuckschowpatty #starbuckshotchocolate #hotchocolate #goodfriends #lazyevening #goodtimes Source: parvez.rm

Calories: 556

And that’s the equivalent of…

  • 4 x 25g packets of Tayto Cheese & Onion (with some room to spare)
  • 4 and a half Club Milks
  • 12 Petit Filous

IDShot_540x540 Source: Tesco

Grande Toffee Nut Latte

#xmas #starbucksindonesia #holiday #panettone #toffeenutlatte #starbuckscard #snowman #christmastedition #haveagoodday Source: juliepinq

Calories: 342

Instead of that, you could have…

  • 2 and a half 25g packs of Hunky Dory Cheese & Onion
  • 1 and a half 500ml cans of Heineken
  • 4 Denny’s Gold Medal Sausages 

IDShot_225x225 Source: Tesco

Grande Gingerbread Latte

Time to take a break #gingerbreadlatte Source: vizkage

Calories: 343

Which is like eating…

  • 80g of Charleville Grated Red Cheddar (in your hand, obviously)
  • 7 segments of Terry’s Chocolate Orange
  • 1 and a half Mars Bars

IDShot_225x225 (1) Source: Tesco

Grande Eggnog Latte

#eggnoglatte sadly missing the whip... #starbucks #coffee #obsession Source: life_of_ted

Calories: 435

What could you have instead, you ask?

  • 3 packs of Doritos Cool Original
  • 7 Denny Traditional Back Rashers
  • Half a bag of Minstrels

IDShot_225x225 (2) Source: Tesco

Grande Honey and Almond Hot Chocolate

Fireworks night with no fireworks... Caught some colours here though Source: rebekahanne1992

Calories: 460

Which gets you…

  • 5 Kelkin Yoghurt Covered Rice Cakes
  • 7 Kimberley biscuits
  • 8 Mikados

Makes you think, huh?

All calorie info sourced from Starbucks.

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