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How Mayo Are You?
Mayo! Maaaaayyo! Sam Maguire’s coming home to Mayooo…

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1. If you met a celebrity, would you make them hold a #MayoForSam sign?
2. Pick an Irish president.
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Michael D Higgins
Patrick Hillery

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Mary Robinson
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Mary McAleese
3. Complete the sentence: "Mayo for..."
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4. Which of these pairs of towns has a bitter, bitter rivalry?
INPHO/Cathal Noonan
Westport and Louisburgh
Knock and Westport

Ballina and Castlebar
Ballinrobe and Claremorris
5. Which of these artists would you be most likely to hear on Midwest?
James Bay
Mike Denver

Ariana Grande
Kid Rock
6. How many times, approximately, have you been dragged to Knock Shrine?
Don't knock Knock until you've tried it, hey!
More times than I can count. The word 'novena' strikes fear in my heart.

I've never been to Knock, and don't plan on going.
7. What are your feelings about Croagh Patrick?
It looks pretty!
Reek Sunday is where it's at.

Whenever I see it, I get flashbacks to THAT school tour. *shudders*
8. Fill in the blanks in this Saw Doctors song lyric: "Oh the green and red of Mayo, I can see it still / Its soft and ____ _______, its ___ ______ hills"
Lovely jersey, steep imposing
Pretty women, green rolling

Lilting accent, sheep-infested
Craggy bogland, tall majestic
9. What is Manulla Junction?
A train stop.
A nightclub in Castlebar.

A chipper in Ballyhaunis.
A festering wasteland where dreams go to die.
10. And finally - if someone shouted "SHTATE A YOU!" at you, how would you respond?
"Leave me alone."
"I'll open ya like a packet of Tayta."

"Shtate a YOU."
"Soonie the beure!"
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You're not Mayo at all!
You're probably from *shudders* Kerry, aren't you. Mayo is NOT for sandwiches!
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You're a little bit Mayo.
You really sympathise with Mayo when the All Ireland comes around, although you may not know what Manulla Junction is.
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You're very Mayo altogether!
Mary Robinson is your role model and the 6.15pm Friday train from Heuston makes you weep on regular. Mayo is in your blood.
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You scored out of !
The big Mayo head on ye.
You call Ballina 'The Naaaaa' and felt the Hardy Bucks portrayed real Mayo life. MAYO FOR SAM LADS. Mayo for Sam.
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