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Open thread: Are you a big tipper?

How much to tip and when? The internet is making us wonder.

THE TOPIC OF tipping is getting a fair bit of attention at the moment.

You may have seen the Internet outcry over the Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares episode about Amy’s Baking Company that aired in the US.

The couple at the centre of the episode got serious criticism for how they were running their business, particularly the revelation that they were taking tips from their employees.

Said employees seemed to be having a hard time working there as it was:

FoxBroadcasting / YouTube

But then there was amazing story that appeared on Tumblr that suggested things were a bit different.

A post about a woman getting a $1,000 in a tip to help her take a trip abroad has clocked up over 171,000 notes on the blogging site.

Casual Cynic Blog / Tumblr

In fact some restaurants make it even easier to figure out how much you may owe in a tip:

Flickr / Manny Hernandez

We’d love to know what you think.

How much of a tip is enough? Is tipping something that will never have the same appeal over here because we’re not a tipping culture?

Or have you ever had a moment where you got an amazing “I’m off to Italy in the morning” level tip?

Let us know in the comments.

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