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QUIZ: How posh are you?

You may not be ready to admit it.

DO POSH PEOPLE realise that they’re posh? While the frequency of poshness has probably decreased in Ireland these days, posh is a lifestyle, not something that can be purchased.

This simple quiz will help you figure out if you’re ritzy or roughing it.

You’re welcome.

1. Who cuts your grass?

A) You do.

B) Your gardener.

C) Grass? It’s all landscaped dahling.

Paradise Restored Landscaping Source: Landscape Design Advisor

2. Where do you do the weekly shop?

A) Lidl or Aldi.

B) Supervalu or Superquinn (RIP).

C) Fallon & Byrne, Donnybrook Fair, Manning’s Emporium, Mortons, McCambridges. Basically anywhere where you can get artisan cheese and antipasti.

Day 5: Fallon & Byrne Source: Kristian Lindqvist

3. How many toilets are in your house?

A) Just the one. In the garage.

B) Two. One up, one down.

C) Two proper sized bathrooms, four en-suites.

Posh bathroom Source: Neil T

4. When was the last time your windows were washed?

A) I have absolutely no recollection.

B) A few months ago, when the window cleaner stopped by.

C) Yesterday, we’re not animals.

Window washing Source: andrewmalone

5. Do you have ‘ornaments’ in the garden?

A) I don’t have a garden.

B) Just one or two gas cartoon gnomes.

C) Does the fountain count?

cbballfountainwithbase0021_lg Source: Bubblegardenfurniture

6. What’s your opinion on coffee?

A) I do enjoy an instant cup of coffee drink.

B) I get lattes and fancy coffees with the milk and stuff.

C) I have a nespresso machine on the breakfast bar.

Nespresso Source: Jun Seita

7. How many cars are in the driveway?

A) None. Bike for me, bitta exercise.

B) One.

C) Three, all restored vintage.

1 Source: Dixonsweddingcars

8. What resembles your surname the most?

A) Smith

B) Crowley

C) Lawlor-White

images_sizedimage_213102838 Source: Thebabycliff

9. What pets do you own?

A) A cat/dog.

B) None.

C) A pony.

Kerry Bog Pony, Bog Village, Kerry, Ireland Source: Jim Linwood

10. Which magazine is most likely to be found in your home?

A) The RTE Guide

B) VIP for the weddins

C) Social & Personal

socialandpersonal Source: Facebook/Social & Personal

11. What brand of water do you drink?

A) Eau de tap.

B) Ballygowan.

C) San Pellegrino.

san-pellegrino Source: Tripadvisor

12. How many knives go on the dinner table?

A) Huh?

B) One, of course.

C) Four.

800px-Formal_Place_Setting Source: Wikicommons

Calculate your score:

Give yourself 5 points for every A, 10 points for every B and 15 points for every C.

It’s the moment of truth. How did you do?

60-100 points:

You’re not posh, in fact, you’re just an average Joe.

You hold no pretensions and probably eat your dinner in the living room, use the same towel as your guests and buy second hand furniture without the purpose of being trendy.

Go you, you’re the salt of the earth, you.

100-140 points:

You’re borderline posh. Your mother sometimes embarrassingly refers to something you’ve done as ‘swanky’, but you’re not so posh that other people would notice.

You like a packet of gourmet crisps every now and again and you might play rugby or hockey but head to the local after.

Everyone loves you because we can leave our shoes on in your house, cheers.

140-180 points:

You’re really posh. Like, really. Opulence is your middle name. You’ve probably been to a regatta and actually know what that means.

You’re mostly likely reading this on an iPad after a hard day at ‘the stables’ and traipsing over your gravelled driveway.

You probably go to those nightclubs with bottle service and wear designer clothes that don’t display any logos.

You ARE the Joneses.

h/t Buzzfeed

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