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How to... capture a drain-dwelling crocodile

Locals in Cairns found the urban myth of reptiles in the underground sewage system is true.

Image: Associated Press via YouTube.com

YOU’VE HEARD THAT urban myth about crocodiles living in city sewage systems, right?

Well, he’s not a big ‘un but this baby croc gave locals in Cairns, Australia a fright when he emerged blinking from a drain yesterday. This Associated Press video shows how to deal with such a situation…

  1. Arm yourself adequately against the croc’s sharp teeth. A household broom and pair of flip flops should do it.
  2. Poke him a bit.
  3. Take video footage on your smartphone.
  4. Poke some more and then when he reacts, throw a towel over him.
  5. Call in the animal welfare officers who can put an elastic band on his snout and remove him to safety.

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