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# basic stitch
Basic Stitch: Making your own tassel earrings takes less time than ordering off AliExpress
But is it as easy though?
# how to
Own an elderly car? Here's how to prepare it for winter
We bring you top tips from a classic owner.
P60 – What do I need to know before I banish it to the back of a drawer?
P60 forms are often ‘filed’ in a drawer never to be seen again. However, it’s an important document.
# how to
Revealed: The Fine Gael guide to canvassing and how to lash the other parties
The party has produced a 15-page guide for canvassers ahead of the general election campaign.
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Back to basics - here's some simple dishes everyone should master
You’ll be ruling that kitchen in no time.
# devious
Ever wondered how to see a friend's hidden Facebook posts?
Well, wonder no more, because here’s how to do it. *shudder
# quick
Bored on the Bank Holiday? Give making your own ketchup a go
Easy peasy.
# how to
9 foods you've been eating wrong your whole life
We’re here to help.
# Fitness
Ripped legs? You better believe it
You’re not thinking of skipping leg day are you?
# squeeze harder
How to: Get blood from a stone... or at least a loan from a bank
Sure it can be hard, but here are a few things that could help.
# life changers
Sorry, but you've been doing these 11 things wrong your whole life
Here’s how to do it right.
# Thinking capital
How to: spin a company out of a third-level institute
The ideas might be there, but the product isn’t always.
# Likeable
How to get 170,000 Facebook likes from callcards and Ashling copybooks
And avoid dropping cash on expensive social media marketing help.
# Fitness
Training Tech: 6 steps to the perfect situp
It’s Tuesday. Let’s hustle.
# Apps
How to use Snapchat's new geofilters, a feature kept hidden until now
However, we might have a wait before any will be available in Ireland.
# how to
How to: predict athlete injuries (and make a business) from big data
A county Dublin start-up is helping hyper-competitive sports teams get insights and competitive from a mass of information.
VIDEO: How to make people like you
It’s not just about being nice.
# wiki wild wild west
9 brilliantly bizarre WikiHow articles that will fix all your life problems
Need some advice? We got you.
# tie or die
Your sorry attempts to tie a tie have been wrong this whole time
Can’t master the tie? Now you CAN.
# how to beginner's guide to having a bet on Cheltenham
Don’t know your each-ways from your Lucky 15s? We’re here to help.
# winging it
Is this actually the right way to eat chicken wings?
You decide.
# tutorial
The beginner's guide to using your smartphone*
*or a recap for the rest of us.
# whoa there
Want to learn how to speed read?
It can be done… but it takes a bit of discipline.
# pursuit of possibilities
The Blagger’s Guide to a Night Out
Want to fluke yourself into an access all areas night out? Read this first.
# how to
Upgrade to iOS7 without messing up your iPhone
A handy guide, courtesy of Business Insider.
# sponsored by emirates
The Guide to Long Haul Flights
Planning on taking some holidays? Read this before you jet off.
# Silver Surfers
The guide to selfies, as illustrated by grandads
Let these silver surfers guide you through the choppy waters of social media.
# how to
Getting a broken key out of a lock and other DIY annoyances
Video ‘how to’ guides that you might find helpful…
# the great outdoors
The Guide to Going Camping In Ireland
Thinking about going camping this weekend? Heading to a festival? Read this before you head off.
# sponsored by the AA
6 ways social media can improve your road trip
Do you bring along your smartphone when you hit the road?
# today i learned
8 amazing facts that will blow your mind
Honestly, these facts are incredible.
# growth spurt
Why being a tall person is the worst ever
You’re having a giraffe, mate.
# lifechanging
7 everyday things you are actually doing wrong
You have been peeling bananas, brushing your teeth and sitting down WRONG.
# Wipeout
How to completely wreck your summer holidays
Looking forward to a trip away this summer? Know what to avoid like the plague.
# bottle of ghosts
The Guide To Curing Your Hangover
Are you hanging? Read this before you face the world today.
# you do what?
7 things you never knew you wanted to know how to do
Why haven’t you been scrambling eggs in their shells the whole time?
# Minister for Betting
Pics: 6 steps to successfully placing a bet, with Michael Noonan
The Finance Minister shows us how it’s done…
# Finally
VIDEO: How to… serve a watermelon, ice a cake and make pancakes*
*Follow this advice at your peril.
# inventive
VIDEO: How to… become an inventor with one easy kit
A simple invention kit, MaKey MaKey, allows you to play computer games with Play-Doh, play the piano with your stairs and use buckets of water as dance pads amongst other cool things.
# how to
How to: Survive when you're lost in the (Irish) wilderness
Headed away this weekend? These essential skills will help you in case it all goes wrong…