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5 scientific ways to get more wired on coffee
You need this article. Don’t pretend otherwise.

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REMEMBER WHEN drinking coffee used to feel like a real boost – not just something you needed for survival?

Here’s how to get that back.

1. Don’t binge.

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The average cup of coffee contains around 100-150mg of caffeine. If you were to have two of these first thing, you can expect a sudden boost of energy… followed by a prolonged crash, as the caffeine gradually clears from your system overthree to four hours.

2. Step away from the espresso and get a filter.

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According to this guide based on a 2004 study, the best way to get a boost from coffee is to drink about half a cup or less per hour – every hour.  To deliver that effectively, you’re going to need to have a pot brewing.

(Or just spend your entire workday making coffee, which might be fine.)

3. But if you ARE going to have a jolt, do it mid-morning – not first thing.

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The time when caffeine is most effective, writes neuroscientist Steven Miller, is between 9.30 and 11.30am. That’s because our levels of cortisol – which corresponds to alertness – are at their highest between 8 and 9am. As Lifehackerobserve:

If we drink coffee when our alertness is already at its peak, we’re wasting the potential alertness boost we get from the caffeine.

4. CUT BACK on your coffee consumption.

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I know, I know. But look: the more coffee you drink, the more your body expects it. In fact, we become addicted – so that espresso isn’t a boost at all, it’s just a way to function normally.

Instead, if you limit yourself to one or two cups a week – ideally at different times each week – you’ll still get the boost you used to get when you first drank coffee. Remember that? Wasn’t it great?

5. Pour some sugar on it.

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The combination of caffeine and glucose has cognition-boosting effects that are not present when either is consumed alone, according to this 2004 research paper. (This could also suggest drinking Red Bull, but who wants to do that?)

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