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How to... save a drowning bird

Step one: Enlist the assistance of an orangutan.

Image: YouTube

A SMALL MOORHEN chick was in danger of drowning in a zoo pond when an unlikely rescuer came to its assistance – a male orangutan.

Using a leaf, the orangutan gently guides the bird towards the edge of the pond and lifts it out of the water.

Videos of the incident taken by a visitor to the zoo were subsequently uploaded on YouTube and generated thousands of views.

Staff at Dublin Zoo came across the clip – and recognised the orangutan. Dublin Zoo says that the male’s name is Jorong and he was born in Chester Zoo in 1995. He moved to Dublin a year later before moving to Dudly Zoo in 2008 under an international breeding programme.

Dublin Zoo says that while in Dublin, Jorong fathered a female orangutan called Mujur who still lives at the zoo.

Watch: Orangutan saves chick from drowning:

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