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The Hardest Ever 90s Boyband Quiz

Do you know your East 17 from your 911…?


1. Which band did this guy belong to?
Backstreet Boys
East 17

2. Which member of NSYNC is this?
JC Chasez
Lance Bass

Chris Kirkpatrick
Joey Fatone
3. Which one of these was NOT a number one hit for Backstreet Boys?
Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
Want It That Way

Shape of My Heart
Quit Playing Games With My Heart
4. Put the Hanson brothers in order of age, oldest to youngest
Zac, Taylor, Isaac
Isaac, Taylor, Zac

Taylor, Isaac, Zac
Isaac, Zac, Taylor
5. Who was a member of Boyzone that didn't make it past the Late Late Show appearance?
Richie Rock
Michael Evans

Carlton Ebbs
Craig Mullins
5. Finish the lyrics... Am I original? Yeaaah. Am I the only one? Yeaaah. Am I sexual? Yeaaaah.
Am I everything you got?
Am I everything you want?

Am I everything you need?
Am I everything or what?
6. Which Take That video is this?
A Million Love Songs

Never Forget
Back for Good
7. Which band sang the absolute banger that is Story of Love?

11. What's Five's Abz real name?
Colin Richie
Richard Breen

Adam Brown
Brian Stevens
12. Which band does this guy belong to?

13. And which band did they cover a song by?
The Bee Gees
The Beatles

Duran Duran
12. Which of these was East 17's first single?
Stay Another Day
House of Love

It's Alright
13. Who didn't get a mention in the chorus of O-Town's liquid dreams?
Destiny's child
Janet Jackson

14. Name one member of Another Level that isn't Dane Bowers?
James MacKenzie
Wayne Williams

Ritchie Neville
Kevin Simm
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You're a 90s boyband master
SOMEONE was paying attention to Top of the Pops.
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You had posters of Boyzone all over your wall, didn't you?
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You're no fanatic
Did out a few copies of Smash Hits, give them a read.
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Good effort, but you need to watch a few more episodes of Top of the Pops.
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You were more into rock, weren't you?
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