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Ronan Keating agrees phone-hacking settlement at London High Court
The singer and TV presenter claimed his voicemail messages had been intercepted by News of the World publisher News Group Newspapers.
# to whom it concerns
Sex, condoms and Boyzone: 20 memorable moments from Gay Byrne's career
From sex therapists to U2, Gay Byrne has interviewed a lot of people during his career.
# On Tour
Boyzone singer Keith Duffy hospitalised before show in Bangkok
The band performed without him after he was taken to hospital.
# boyzone
'Shove it up your hole!': Shane Lynch wasn't impressed when Tubridy showed Boyzone's infamous debut on the Late Late
Calm down, mate.
# Brian McFadden
Brian McFadden got very cranky with a follower after getting a driving ban for speeding
That’s one way to respond to someone.
# I Can Dream
Boyzone used Stephen Gately's vocals to create a new song for farewell album
‘It’s amazing to be able to wrap it all up with Stephen on there too.
# boyzone
Ed Sheeran randomly makes an appearance in a new Boyzone music video
Very strange.
# Old Bailey
French couple sentenced to 30 years over murder of nanny
The couple were convicted last month of the murder, and of attempting to dispose of Sophie Lionnet’s body by burning it.
# thank you and goodnight
Ed Sheeran's written a song for Boyzone's last album
The lads are officially calling it a day.
# London
Obsession with former Boyzone member led to couple murdering nanny and attempting to burn her body
Sabrina Kouider and Ouissem Medouni were both found guilty after a three-month trial.
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People cannot get over this 1994 footage of Boyzone rehearsing beneath some goalposts
Why so much crotch-thrusting?
# boyzone
Shane Lynch told CBB housemates that Stephen Gately was blackmailed into coming out
Press threatened to run the story if Stephen wouldn’t tell it himself.
Throwback Tunes: Revisiting Boyzone's first album, Said And Done
Is is any good, 22 years on?
# we're going to do a dance
17 observations we had after watching *that* Boyzone appearance on the Late Late in full
It gets better every time.
# a different beat
14 signs you were a 90s Boyzone obsessive
# story of love
How Much Do You Know About Irish Boybands?
Oooooh I seen ya picture in the story of love.
Keith Duffy joined the Irish fans singing Boyzone songs in France
It’s boyband mania over there.
# boyzlife
Keith Duffy and Brian McFadden are forming a two-person supergroup called 'Boyzlife'
The rumours are true. They’re going to go on tour singing Boyzone and Westlife songs.
# 90s babies
The Hardest Ever 90s Boyband Quiz
Do you know your East 17 from your 911…?
# lynch time
Shane Lynch is selling Skype calls for €68 to fund his solo album
Among many, many other Shane Lynch-themed offers.
# Christmas Crisis
Nostalgia fest! All of The Den Christmas specials
So many memories.
# Falling slowly
UK critics are going crazy for Ronan Keating in the Once musical
“It’s impossible not to warm to his portrayal,” said one reviewer.
# facial rug
7 things Shane from Boyzone's beard looks like, according to Jonathan Ross viewers
WHAT a beard.
# falling ro-ly
Ronan Keating is going to sing lead in the Once musical
# twitterverse
Tweet Sweeper: Who lost two stone in SWEAT?
All of the best tweets this week from those we call celebrities.
# world of celebs
Are you ready for the Westlife/Boyzone supergroup? It's The Dredge
Best of the day’s celeb dirt.
# beardzone
Shane Lynch's glorious new beard is attracting a lot of attention
Never mind Boyzone, it’s all about the beard.
# westlife 4 lyfe
19 signs you were a teenage Westlife obsessive
Were you a Shane gal or a Nicky gal?
# daddy or chips?
12 playground battles every child of the 1990s will understand
Whose side were you on?
# Shamrocky
Keith Duffy wore shamrock speedos on live TV
We’ve certainly got a picture of him in our minds now anyway.
# banditzone
The Rubberbandits' latest song offers some advice to Boyzone
They’ve got nothing to lose, apparently.
# steo
Boyzone's emotional tribute to Stephen Gately... by drinking wine at Dublin gig
They poured themselves a drink on stage and told some stories.
# the boys are back
Revisit Boyzone's mortifying appearance on the 1994 Toy Show
Never knew it could be so wrong.
# Alright buddy?
Keith Duffy on Love/Hate: the best Twitter reaction
Love/Hate him for a reason.
# Love/Hate
Last night's Love/Hate: Nidge's sex face, a big death and Keith Duffy
It was an action-packed hour. Here’s what we learned…
# Development
Gaming has become more mainstream - Football Manager chief
Miles Jacobson also told that his popular series is seen as the “Boyzone of the industry”
# roll it there
15 Shades of Gay... a look back at Uncle Gaybo through the years
There’s more to him than just The Late Late Show you know…
# till you say stop
The boybands we're glad were left behind in the 90s
Lots of things about the 90s were brilliant. These boybands were not one of them.
# The little red book
7 things we'd like to see on the new passports
Some alternative suggestions for the new design.
# ink-redible
16 utterly Irish tattoos
No, honestly, they’ve really proved their commitment to Ireland.