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11 old-timey words for 'hangover' we need to bring back

This crapulous bottle-ache will be the death of me.

SOMETIMES THE OLD words are the best words.

Instead of being in bits, why not suffer from one of these venerable ailments? Illustrated with owls:

1. Crapulence

Source: pinkiwinkitinki

An excellent word from the 1530s. Also: crapulous; crapulously; crapulousness.

2. Bottle-ache

Source: Life Lenses

Used from the mid-19th to the early 20th century.

3. Carpenters in the forehead

Source: rexboggs5

Danish slang.

4. Katzenjammer

Source: Az-Jean

Nineteenth-century American slang, from the German for ‘wailing cats’.

5. Bust-head

Source: jurvetson

Extremely descriptive American slang.

6. Wooden mouth

Source: Invvigren

French slang.

7. The zings

Source: Forest & Kim

American, from a 1967 dictionary.

8. Cropsick

Source: Flickr

“Sick from excess in eating or drinking”, 1913.

9. Hair-ache

Source: RobertSteele

Old French slang, now out of use.

10. Gallon distemper

Source: Base Camp Baker

Noted in 1905.

11. Blue devils

Source: Bass Embrace

Feeling bad about yourself after drinking too much. Noted in 1823.

Owl photos inspired by Hungover Owls

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