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This guy's story of adopting a dog on Skyrim has touched the internet's heart

It may be a video game, but the FEELINGS are real.

elder-scrolls-skyrim-desktop-gray Source: Bethesda

YOU MAY HAVE heard about popular video game Skyrim, in which you can kill dragons by shouting at them, or simply roam around the fantasy world doing whatever you please.

Australian author Patrick Lenton yesterday tweeted a story about how he found a dog in the world of Skyrim, and wanted his character to adopt it.

(This is a passionately told story, so there is some NSFW language.)

His struggle to house and protect his video game pooch, while continuing to fight dragons, is now going viral worldwide.

skyrim1 Source: elderscrolls.wikia.com

He protected it from dragons

And built a house for it

He adopted the child as well so the dog would stay in the house

skyrim2 Source: elderscrolls.wikia.com

But that didn’t work out, and the dog was still almost being killed in every dragon battle

So finally, FINALLY he’s ready to move the dog into the house…

And his in-game daughter had adopted something else

At this point, he reveals that his character married a woman named Mjoll, who has a ‘friend’ called Aerin

R8D3A1H Source: Imgur

He adopts a son to take care of the dog, and hopes that will be that


Phew. What a saga. What a beautiful, touching saga.

Make this into a movie, TBH.

skyrimdog1 Source: Wordpress

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