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This woman is documenting the realities of parenthood with hilarious comics

When nipping out to the shops alone is like a trip to the spa…

ARE YOU A PARENT who’s sick of Pinterest-perfect mummy blogs featuring homes with a distinct lack of snot and/or sick stains? You might like this.

Celebrating/feeling freaked out that this page ... Source: Facebook/Hurrah For Gin

Mother of two Katie Kirby started her blog, Hurrah For Gin, to give a “real and humourous” account of parenting young children. She says:

I will be the first to admit that I have struggled with many aspects of parenting but am firmly of the opinion that if you don’t laugh about these challenges you’ll cry.

She illustrates her blog with these wonderfully lo-fi Microsoft Paint representations of her daily life as a mum of two boys.

There’s the luxury of going to the shop alone

If I went to an actual spa now I Imagine I would Source: Facebook/Hurrah For Gin

The endless struggle to keep the kids entertained

#Sunday #FML Source: Facebook/Hurrah For Gin

The new dimension to hangovers

Kids + Hangovers = Evil #fact Source: Facebook/Hurrah For Gin

The phone call of dread

Thoughts going out to everyone on the receiving Source: Facebook/Hurrah For Gin

The regular arguments over what’s for dinner

Mouthfuls eaten: Child one - 5 Child two - ... Source: Facebook/Hurrah For Gin

And the realisation that silence is not always golden

#FML ;) Source: Facebook/Hurrah For Gin

You can check out more of Katie’s drawings on her Facebook page. Hurrah for gin, indeed.

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