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10 things you will only understand if you cry at EVERYTHING

Dogs, cats, weddings, films… Sure we’ll have a weep!

YOU’RE A CRIER. You just are. It’s a fact of life.

1. You have certain triggers that nine times out of ten will lead you to weep

kimkcrying Source: E!

Seeing people being happy. Seeing people being sad. Elderly people. Old dogs. Oh, here we go again.

2. And your friends are mostly unsurprised by now

chloecollage Source: YouTube

“You’re crying, aren’t you.”
“NO! *sniff* …Yes.”

3. You’ve had to go off and have words with yourself so you don’t cause a scene in public

giphy Source: Giphy

*blinks furiously*

4. This time of year is the WORST because of all the soppy Christmas ads

And you fall for every single one. This McDonald’s ad, for example, plays you like a fiddle:

Source: Christmas Adverts/YouTube

5. But you’ll cry at normal ads too because jeez

Source: Cesar UK/YouTube

Just… leave me here.

6. Pixar movies are your downfall

ellieandcarl Source: Wiki

You have to prepare yourself to watch Up because the first ten minutes are so emotionally taxing.

7. And weddings? Forget about it


A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

It’s your boyfriend’s cousin’s wedding and you are crying more than the bride’s family. Mess.

8. You’ve made strangers uncomfortable in the cinema with your excessive weeping

alex-crying Source: Gurl

Brooklyn was very sad, OK? You heartless fiends.

9. And you actually prefer watching things alone so you can sob openly

Michael_Jordan_crying Source: Wikimedia

“Stuart Little just wants a family. He just wants a family!” – You, decades out of your childhood, watching the Big Big Movie on RTÉ.

10. But you’ve come to accept that you just are this gal from Mean Girls

a lot of feelings Source: Giphy

Express those feelings. This is your truth.

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