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This woman's book about attempting to marry George Clooney has some very unfortunate timing

It’s still going on sale though… nevermind.

WHAT ARE the chances. Author Tracy Bloom wrote a book about setting a goal to marry (former) notorious bachelor George Clooney. But, as we all know, George Clooney recently tied the knot, just weeks before the novel is due to hit shelves.


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According to Amazon, the plot involves a fed-up woman named Michelle, who is determined to marry George Clooney before Christmas.

Slogging her guts out in a chicken factory whilst single-handedly bringing up a teenager who hates her is far from the life that 36-year-old Michelle had planned. But marrying the most eligible man on the planet by Christmas could change all that, couldn’t it?

So. Who wants to tell her?

The book is due to be released in Ireland on November 25 and is out in the states tomorrow. However, Bloom isn’t phased by the fact that Clooney is no longer on the market. Writing on her website, she says she went into full panic mode once his engagement was announced, but the book will still be worth the read.

The book was all done and dusted before he announced his engagement in April. My son informed me of George’s change of status sending me into a slight frenzy. Crisis talks were held between Derby and my publisher in London as we tried to decipher the impact of this shocking news. But then we calmed down. George Clooney is still George Clooney, irreplaceable as our modern day Prince Charming. The man most women fantasise will come and rescue them when the going gets tough. So what if he’s married!

We don’t think Amal would be too delighted to hear that…

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