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Genius turns his ice-maker into sweets dispenser, lives the dream

What a man.

A FEW DAYS ago, Reddit user dericpeace posted this photo, with the caption, ‘As a grown man, I thought this was a better use for my ice maker…frozen candy dispenser!’.

9GMsYtP Source: Imgur

As anyone could have predicted, everyone went rabid with jealousy.

As another grown man, I think you should be president.
Wow, you my friend are a genius. My parents have never hooked up their ice maker so I’m doing this ASAP.
Genius is thrown around a lot for useless shit. But THIS?! This is genius.
Too bad they’ve already given out the Nobel prizes this year… you surely would have won.

Well, today he’s posted a video of the inspired machine in action, and it looks just as amazing as we would have imagined.

Source: Deric Peace/YouTube

Keep on innovating, brave soldier.

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