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last night a dj saved my life

Idris Elba did a DJ set at a Dublin club last night

The Wire actor charmed the patrons of Buck Whaley’s with his finely-chosen choons.

BRITISH ACTOR IDRIS Elba made a flying visit to Ireland yesterday to appear on RTÉ’s Saturday Night Show – and DJ in Dublin hotspot Buck Whaley’s.

The Luther actor has DJed under various monikers since he was a young lad and frequently stops by to do a set at the Leeson Street club.

Elba told incredulous Saturday Night Show host Brendan O’Connor that it was something he still loved to do, despite being a Big Hollywood Star now:

O’Connor: And you’re back DJing in Buck’s as well? You don’t need to do that Idris, you won’t see Tom Cruise DJing in Lillies tonight.
Elba: Well he’s not a very good DJ, so that’s the point. I love doing what I’ve done since I was a kid – DJing and just being myself. I love the fact that Dublin will have me back any time I come, and Buck’s as well.

We love you too, Idris.

Everyone in Ireland now thinks Idris Elba is the coolest man alive. They’re not wrong.

Y’all come back now, Idris. We won’t mind.

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