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Martin says he's unfazed by Varadkar preempting government announcements
Martin said Cabinet intends to keep the Pandemic Unemployment Payment “under review”.
# Making waves
Brendan O'Connor to permanently take over RTÉ's Marian Finucane slot
The Cork native will take over the 11am-1pm weekend slot from mid-March
# Weekend On One
Brendan O'Connor to fill RTÉ's Marian Finucane slot until end of January
The columnist will present a temporary show following Finucane’s death earlier this month.
# may 2020
Reports of February general election are 'speculation', says Varadkar
The Taoiseach spoke on RTÉ’s Marian Finucane show this morning.
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Linda Martin was having none of Amy Schumer in the nip on last night's Cutting Edge
“I don’t want to look at it.”
# a new orthodoxy
'I wonder how long before there's a liberal Bishop Eamonn Casey moment?'
Have the liberal commentariat taken over a space once occupied by the Catholic Church, Brendan O’Connor asks.
# inhumane
'People feel really abandoned': Brendan O'Connor on services for children with disabilities
We’re still abdicating our responsibility to take care of our most vulnerable children, O’Connor says.
# State Supports
Brendan O'Connor: Children with disabilities are not taken care of in Ireland
The RTÉ presenter gave an impassioned interview on The Late Late Show last night.
Tubridy's 'slightly odd' encounters with Patrick Guinness, Ryan O'Neal ... and Brendan O'Connor
What happens when an interview gets ever so slightly AWKWARD?
# crank call
Brendan O'Connor thinks that "cranks have too much power" over the Irish media
The former chat show host was on with George Hook today.
# brendan bites
RTÉ have deleted Brendan O'Connor's 'wanky' jibe at Tubridy
This morning’s encounter between the pair was a little awkward. Thanks to an edit, the playback is now a little less awkward.
# jacket weather
The summer has been pretty rubbish, and that isn't about to change
Speaking this morning Met Eireann’s Siobhan Ryan said there is a small chance of improvement in August.
# lemon drizzle
Twink is selling cakes in a park in south Dublin
In an interview this morning, the entertainer became emotional discussing the passing of her dog Bertie Ahern.
# fifty shades of george
9 of the most WTF lines from George Hook's erotic novel
Make sure you’ve had your breakfast.
# New gig
Brendan O'Connor insists he's not hanging around for long in his new radio slot
He did mention Tubridy, however.
# that's all folks
Brendan O'Connor's last ever Saturday Night Show was certainly eventful
The host’s last show had some interesting moments.
# marriage ref
RTÉ did not know Aodhan Ó Ríordáin was wearing an equality pin
The Minister was said to only have put on the badge shortly before going on air.
# Mental Health
'Honest, courageous and inspiring' - John Mooney speaks openly about his off-field struggles
The cricketer appeared on RTÉ’s Saturday Night show.
# Hooked
"The media saved my life" - George Hook
The pundit, who retired from television rugby analysis on Saturday, has been speaking about what retirement has in store for him.
# pussy riot
8 times Brendan O'Connor earned his RTÉ salary
Here are your best bits.
# Your Say
Poll: Who will you watch, Ray or Tubridy?
Brendan O’Connor stint at the helm of RTÉ’s Saturday night chat show is coming to an end.
# So Long
Brendan O'Connor just announced the end of The Saturday Night Show
Ray D’Arcy will host a new Saturday night show on RTÉ One from the autumn.
# satnightshow
Yep, Noel Gallagher was miming on RTÉ last night
Saturday Night Show viewers were left decidedly unimpressed by Gallagher’s performance.
# who is she
Kathryn Thomas was mortified in front of Noel Gallagher on the Saturday Night Show
Brendan O’Connor, you divil.
# mr saturday night
"If Ray D'Arcy doing an Ant n' Dec-style show is what's required, well sure look they'll decide"
Ray D’Arcy’s arrival at RTÉ has people talking. But will Brendan O’Connor be unseated as part of a weekend reshuffle?
# live TV folks
Brendan O'Connor tells heckler 'sit down you clown'
The Saturday Night Show was hi-jacked by a protester.
# Pantigate
"The country needed to have that conversation" - Panti returns to the Saturday Night Show
Panti, aka Rory O’Neill, was back with Brendan last night.
# Pantigate
Complaints about RTÉ's Panti apology have been rejected by the BAI
The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland said that making an apology was an editorial decision and not one for them to decide upon.
# last night a dj saved my life
Idris Elba did a DJ set at a Dublin club last night
The Wire actor charmed the patrons of Buck Whaley’s with his finely-chosen choons.
# Tears
Shay Healy captured the nation's hearts on the Saturday Night Show
The musician spoke openly about his experience of Parkinson’s, and gave a moving performance.
# love life
8 pieces of dating advice from last night's Saturday Night Show
Looking for love? HERE YA GO.
# Debt
AIB explains why its home repossessions tripled last year
The bank is currently engaged in 9,000 legal or potential legal cases with customers in mortgage arrears.
# nomakeupselfie
Here's the Saturday Night Show's celebrity #nomakeupselfie
Fair play!
# telly
Margaretta D'Arcy appeared on the Saturday Night Show in her orange prison jumpsuit
Orange is the new black.
# seal the deal
The 9 stages of Charlie Bird being special-cuddled by a seal
Ireland relived the moment last night.
Damien Kiberd: RTÉ thinks it played safe on Pantigate - I beg to differ
RTÉ would do well to remember the story of Jurgen Klinsmann’s dive in the 1990 World Cup and the effect that had on schoolboy footballers for years to come.
# telly riot
Brendan O'Connor's Pussy Riot interview goes international
“Inane chatshow banter”. Ouch.
# Debate
The Saturday Night Show will host a debate on homophobia this Saturday
According to RTE, ‘The Saturday Night Show will host a debate on homophobia; what constitutes homophobia and who gets to define the word?’
# panti bliss
RTÉ receive 847 complaints about Panti appearance and apology to Iona Institute
The majority of the emailed complaints have been received in the past three days.
# panti bliss
More than 100 complaints about Panti appearance and RTÉ apology
The vast majority were from people complaining about the broadcaster’s apology to a number of newspaper columnists and the Iona Institute.