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One year on, we remember the IKEA monkey

Where is Darwin now? Has he grown out of his little coat?

YESTERDAY MARKED THE one year anniversary of the incident that gave rise to ‘IKEA monkey’, a meme we all fondly adopted with great enthusiasm.

How could you not? Look at that little face. The little jacket. So lost, so left behind.

GTMh9Cd Source: Imgur

But where is IKEA monkey now? According to the Toronto Star, IKEA monkey (real name, Darwin) is on his way to learning how to be a monkey again in Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in Ontario.

However, Darwin’s previous owner launched a lawsuit against them, alleging that the sanctuary was illegally detaining the pet who she called her ‘son’. The judge ruled against returning Darwin to her care, but she has since launched an appeal.

The chair of the Sanctuary Izzy Hirji said:

When he came to us, he was lacking in confidence and unsure how to act around other monkeys. Through being able to see and interact with the other guys, he’s growing into a healthy, confident adolescent.

Hirji also added that he is about 1.5 times the size he was when lost in IKEA, and carries a Curious George studded monkey around with him. Can’t, cope.

4fFX5 Source: Imgur

IKEA monkey, we’re glad you’re safe and learning how to be a big monkey. Thank you for the memories. The wonderful, wonderful meme-ories.

You were added to famous paintings



Ikea monkey gets around - Imgur Source: Imgur

Referenced popular movies

pBMME Source: Imgur

cKZ8qsK Source: Imgur

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… added to not-so-famous paintings

Oh, Paint me like one of your Swedish Monkeys - Imgur Source: Imgur

Puns, oh the puns

Introspective rabbit meets Ikea monkey - Imgur Source: Imgur

ikea monkey xmas - Imgur Source: Imgur

ikea-monkey-meme Source: Memeblender

Monkey Source: Neatorama

You even helped us with chat-up lines

47c006e0875f02216868b0d029765d724e0b443993be8a8d6b5434fc4b40c4c1 Source: Quickmeme

We can’t stop, we won’t stop.

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