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# Cute

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# madagascar
Three critically endangered lemur babies born at Fota Wildlife Park
Less than 250 Black and white ruffed lemurs remain in the wild today.
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# Cute
Brooklyn Beckham surprised dad David on his birthday and his reaction is pretty damn cute
Some feels for you this fine day.
# cute feeling
It's impossible to not fall in love with this Twitter-famous baby hippo
A brewery have even named an IPA after her.
# get a room
This little baby starts bawling any time her parents shift in front of her
# message in a bottle
The internet is desperately trying to reunite a little boy with his message in a bottle
Freddy Marr, where are you?
# we sware
A little girl in Wicklow has stuck up an adorable sign to find her missing Barbie shoe
# not able
Take a break and check out this police officer's new partner
The tabby kitten was discovered abandoned under a large bin.
# my hero
A little girl got to meet her favourite binman and it was absolutely precious
# ya little pup
20 times dogs proved that we don't deserve them
D’aw :’)
# Take a Break
Take a break and watch these wriggly baby penguins being weighed
They’re called Wotsit, Frazzle, Cheeto and Quaver.
# hello nurse
This dentist has an adorable 'dog nurse' to help calm nervous children
Can we have one, too?
# mamaaa ooooo
Stop what you're doing and watch this tiny girl belt out Bohemian Rhapsody
# mamaaa ooooo
Stop what you're doing and watch this tiny girl belt out Bohemian Rhapsody
# Cute
This sign in Irish Oscar winner Ben Cleary's playschool shows teachers never forget
D’aw <3
# all tuckered out
Parents are sharing photos of the hilarious (and adorable) ways their toddlers have fallen asleep
# True Love
A photo of an elderly couple shopping for make-up is warming everyone's hearts
# where's dad
This baby got super confused when he was babysat by his dad's twin
The resulting video has been watched millions of times on Facebook.
# Cute
These parents stuck a GoPro to their toddler's head during hide and seek, and it was DELIGHTFUL
# Cheese
This Irish guy has gone viral thanks to his brilliant animal selfies
It’s like these animals know the camera is there.
# sponsored by Science Foundation Ireland
This scientist would happily kick a panda to death... but only to save another species
Poor pandas.
# jim the trim
This barber went above and beyond to give a little boy with autism a haircut
Give this guy a medal.
# our hearts
This heartbreaking photo of an ‘abandoned’ dog will melt your heart
Lana has been dubbed the ‘saddest dog in the world’.
# our hearts
This heartbreaking photo of an 'abandoned' dog will melt your heart
Lana has been dubbed the ‘saddest dog in the world’.
# woof woof
This dog wouldn't stop barking at people, so his owner came up with a genius plan
Guess who suddenly likes people again?
The new Vodafone ad is giving Irish people all the feels
The little pig!
# my pet human
13 times animals showed their humans who was boss
“My human is such a pest.”
# mini garda
The Gardaí took on a very tiny and very adorable recruit yesterday
His name’s Ceejay and he’s the boss.
# Take a Break
Take a break and watch this dog beg his owner for forgiveness after making a mess
We want to own this dog.
# Bookworm
This little baby bursts into tears every single time a storybook ends
“The end.” *tears*
# Take a Break
Toddler scores a try in Australian rugby match
The 4-year-old was pretty chuffed with himself.
# ovary explosion
18 photos that will make your ovaries explode
D’aww. :’)
# sight for sore eyes
Well, this is the sweetest thing you'll see today
Take a moment to appreciate the cuteness.
# sassy
This toddler's sassy dance routine to Aretha Franklin's Respect will give you life
# hot lede
Oh, just the most perfectly Irish opening paragraph ever
Kids today, eh?
# Cute
'Mickey Harte is cute enough. All the words coming out and players leaving, I'd say that's all orchestrated'
Donegal’s Neil McGee is not certain everything is as bad as it seems in Tyrone.
# Time to say goodbye
This little boy's emotional send-off to his pet goldfish will give you all the feels
Our hearts.
# good work
Seven-year-old girl imagines 'special Easter egg' for homework assignment, nails it
“From now on, call me Ms. Fancy!”
# that's my jam
Stop what you're doing and watch these babies rock out to the Eastenders theme
Their little faces!
# Two Cute
A lucky zoo has just welcomed these beautiful endangered clouded leopard kittens
We want one.
# like father like baby
Watch this Dad bond with his baby by adorably emulating her every move