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typo negative

Someone is hilariously illustrating Twitter users' embarrassing typos

Someone calling you out on your typo = mortifying. Someone ILLUSTRATING said typo = let us die.

THERE’S NOTHING WORSE than when a typo slips past your normally meticulous eye – except maybe when someone else points it out.

Comedy actress Summer Ray has been sneaking around Twitter, scouting out unfortunate typos and illustrating them.

You better pray you never a typo on Twitter again. She might just come after you.

“Andy Circus”

illustratedtypo1 Twitter / @SummerRay Twitter / @SummerRay / @SummerRay

“Check the colander”

illustratedtypos2 Twitter / @SummerRay Twitter / @SummerRay / @SummerRay


illustratedtypos3 Twitter / @SummerRay Twitter / @SummerRay / @SummerRay


illustratedtypos4 Twitter / @SummerRay Twitter / @SummerRay / @SummerRay

“Dusting Hoffman”

illustratedtypos5 Twitter / @SummerRay Twitter / @SummerRay / @SummerRay

And finally, “Nick Leg”

illustratedtypo6 Twitter / @SummerRay Twitter / @SummerRay / @SummerRay

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