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15 photos immature people will enjoy a little too much


1. “Kissing Balls”

gvlbinu Source: Imgur

2. “Hey, what do you think our slogan should be?” “How about ‘We’re proud of our squirt’?” “Yep, perfect.”

BjgyAP3IMAA5b5n Source: Amy O'Connor/Twitter

3. Do you now?

DRygj Source: Imgur

4. Do we have to go via Dead Man’s Hole if we’re squeamish?

NDOcDJ7 Source: Imgur

5. This can’t have been an accident

6. “Psycho Pussies”

7. Because you’re so smooth…

XKXsG Source: Imgur

Smooth like butt, in fact.


EJTBq2q Source: Imgur

9. Clearly there’s an Irish person working in Countdown

Tweet by @Bláthnaid Earley Source: Bláthnaid Earley/Twitter

10. Unlimited, you say?

11. “Where are you from?” “I don’t want to say.” “Come on!”

“Okay, I’m from Cum, Co. Mayo.”


12. “This pizza looks like a rugby ball, doesn’t it?” “Absolutely, Dave.”

13. Bravo, headline writer

FekNerK Source: Imgur

14. Interesting shape to your name there, John…

JNaeP76 Source: Imgur

15. When your name is Randy and you forget that it has another meaning…


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