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This pie made out of In-N-Out burgers is something to behold

A new fast food frontier.

burgerpie Source: YouTube

IN SEPTEMBER 2015, In-N-Out Burger opened for a brief couple of hours in Dublin – and the place went a bit mad.

Anyone who got their hands on the famous In-N-Out knows that it’s a pretty delish burger.

The FoodBeast YouTube channel knows this too – so they thought it was a good idea to make a massive pie from them

burgerpie3 Source: YouTube

They started with a fries base and added the famous burgers chopped on top

burgerpie2 Source: YouTube

They then added a egg and milk-based mix to the top and fired it into the oven

piuej Source: YouTube

Then they drenched the pie in more chips and the famous animal style sauce

fries2 Source: YouTube

And you have got yourself a rather delicious – and intriguing – looking pie

pieend Source: YouTube

The best we can do is attempt this with some Eddie Rockets.


Source: FOODBEAST/YouTube

hat-tip Buzzfeed

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