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In videos: 17 reasons why the moonwalk is still amazing

30 years of the greatest dance move ever.

30 YEARS AGO this week Michael Jackson made a TV appearance that sealed his reputation as a pop icon.

His performance of Billie Jean at the Motown 25th Anniversary special caused a sensation and took Jackson’s already huge star even higher

jayb4321 / YouTube

The performance is still absolutely amazing and it’s no surprise that the “moonwalk” would become Jackson’s signature move.

Of course the moonwalk itself wasn’t exactly new (James Brown had been doing it for years) and in fact Jackson had renamed another dance move the moonwalk for his performance.

In this clip choreographer Jeffery Daniels talks about the backslide and the moonwalk and how MJ switched them around

Entertainment12Now / YouTube

Jeffery Daniels was in fact a star in his own right including a stint in R&B group Shalimar.

In 1982 on Top of the Pops he danced to their hit A Night To Remember doing moves that Michael would interpret a year later

Guillaume Lasne / YouTube

Some helpful MJ fan has also compiled footage of the kinds of old style dancing that would have inspired what MJ would make the moonwalk. Amazing

AbejaMariposalll / YouTube

Of course once Michael Jackson did the moonwalk was his and he’d deploy it whenever he saw fit.

Like when he jumped onstage with his hero James Brown

Jackson5Videos/ YouTube

This amazing live take

Skimmt / YouTube

The moonwalk in slow motion is still amazing.

illusionarium / YouTube

He even showed Oprah how to do it back in 1993

ssjd02 / YouTube

And as uncomfortable as the documentary Living With Michael Jackson was there was a golden moonwalk moment.

He tries to teach Martin Bashir how to execute the moves although Bashir doesn’t fare that well.

moonwalk114 / YouTube

Of course with a dance as iconic as the moonwalk plenty of other artists wanted to pay tribute to Jackson.

Ciara added the moonwalk into a tribute to MJ at a recent performance, even in rehearsals she gets seriously into it

TheCozyman100 / YouTube

Michael’s sis Janet became a huge popstar in her own right and you can see her add in a cheeky bit of moonwalking in this ad from 1984

jarrylfo / YouTube

Usher does a rather good tribute too

Emanuel Molina / YouTube

Justin Bieber even has a go

jbieberrip / YouTube

And who knew, Liam Payne from One Direction could kind of do the moonwalk

keeanubee / YouTube

Mind you, not everyone fares as well when attempting it

Link Davletov / YouTube

Thankfully this guy can teach you how to dance just like Michael which is super helpful.

ApprenticeA / YouTube

To sum up, Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk is amazing and we could watch it all day.

meliscool12345 / YouTube

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