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8 fun things you can do indoors this stormy weekend (that aren't filthy)

Storm’s a comin’.

A STORM’S A brewing outside, and it’s looking like a wet weekend. You probably won’t be braving the outdoors, so here are a fre non-filthy non-boring things to do inside.

Relax friends, refrain from the Thank You cards. This one’s on us.

1. Have a games night

Games nights are fun for kids, but even better when you’re an adult. Whip out the old Trivial Pursuit or Pictionary and prepare to scream, laugh, and ruin relationships you previously thought were unbreakable.

Nachos, dip, and beers all compulsory. Heads Up is a great Who Am I? game if you don’t fancy venturing outside to pick up a water-logged Boggle.

- Imgflip NewEnglandPeddler NewEnglandPeddler

2. Hold a karaoke night

There is literally no one in this world who wouldn’t grab the microphone after a beverage to knock out Don’t Stop Believing. YouTube is a treasure chest of backing tracks and lyrics, throw it up on the big screen and let the dulcet tones of your friends drown out the storm outside.

kyle bennett

Here are a few of our picks to maximise the din. Soz neighbours.

Eye of the Tiger


Total Eclipse of the Heart

Hit Me Baby One More Time

Blühe Deutsches Vaterland

Zombie, if you’re ready to clear the house

3. Get crafty

Enter the Pinterest black hole.

Who WOULD’NT want to make this cool stuff. You too can have a twee home, all it took was a weekend indoors. There are even tons of tutorials to use up the bottle caps and wine left over from karaoke.

9bea15d1aa2827e4d4541e68178a6a5c Serena Swanger Serena Swanger

fb005442f22d253bf661511723583f32 Serena Swanger Serena Swanger

fa2469e18fb7ecebdcdabc918dfbf3ca Serena Swinger Serena Swinger

bde523ef4d6c8a38ec3cb09246389bc2 Kelsey Thomas Kelsey Thomas

Be warned: You may never emerge from your home again, unless it’s going to Inspiring Ideas for more PVA glue.

Just be careful, we can’t all be Neil Buchanan.

pinterest-craft-fails-26-1 Bored Panda Bored Panda

4. Learn a new skill

Look at you, being all productive! If you have an internet connection, you’re sorted with access to a range of worldly information.

Why not learn how to…



Who doesn’t want to learn how to code? It’s an extremely useful skill, and Codecademy almost makes it fun. Almost.

Speed Read


Before you get stuck into that master reading list, learn how to speed through them. Spreeder can help.



Knitting is SO IN right now, and not just in your granny’s social circle. Let instructables show you how. Woolly scarves for everyone.

Read a Chinese menu


Memrise is a fantastic way to learn a new language, combining cat memes and games to hammer that vocabulary into your head.

5. Host a cocktail party

Grab a blender, have everyone bring a bottle or mixer (or go virgin, whatever). There are loads of great cocktail apps and have concoctions for whatever ingredients you may end up with, all mouth watering. Just don’t blame us for the head on ye tomorrow.

Cocktail Party gordonflood gordonflood

6. Start the Oscar diet

Fire up the Netflix, pop the popcorn and gather all the other junk that’s bad for you to ingest. It’s the weekend AND it’s miserable outside, the calories don’t count. If you need a diet though, why not try the Observer’s essential Oscar diet.

Who needs SUNLIGHT? Not you, that’s who.

rUQthXm Imgur Imgur

7. Come Dine With You

You may not have the gas voice-over guy narrating everything you do, but starting a small Come Dine With Me between you and a few friends is the craaaic. Pick a theme and get cookin’, the winner takes it all.

There are a few recipes from the show available on the Channel 4 website, if you’re so inclined. You can and should even make score cards.

Comics-Men-cooking Funny-pictures-blog Funny-pictures-blog

8. Bake

Everyone wins. You aren’t sinfully bored, and everyone gets to eat the fruits of your labour. Again, be careful, but if you can’t be, send us the pics so we can lol.

the-most-embarrassing-craft-fails-ever-i-feel-bad-but-these-are-so-funny-13 Distractify Distractify

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