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14 infuriating snobs you encounter every day
Oh, you’re going to read that, are you?

HUMANS. WE’RE AN interesting bunch and no two of us are ever exactly the same.

Our likes and dislikes set us apart, but sometimes they drive an incredibly annoying wedge between us: Especially when someone looks down on you because you don’t agree.

Plenty of people love nothing more than sitting atop that high horse, telling the rest of us that we’re all entitled to their snobby opinions.

Here are just some of the most infuriating characters you’re most likely to meet…

1. Public Transport Snobs

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Wouldn’t last five minutes on a Friday night vomet comet home in Dublin.

2. Lunch Snobs

Oh, is that what you’re eating today? Bit plain isn’t it? I always go to this amazing little restaurant. It’s only a few quid extra.

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3. Supermarket Snobs

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The notion of own-brand or value pack food makes this particular breed shudder.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with liking to eat organic but if you’re one of those people who’s going to insult everyone around you who doesn’t?

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4. Dublin Snobs

Google Maps Google Maps

Believe it or not, there’s life outside The Pale lads.

5. Country Snobs

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There’s no point painting every Jackeen with the same brush either.

6. Fashion Snobs

Only cost you a fiver in Penneys did it? I only really go in there when I need a cheap umbrella.

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7. Holiday Snobs

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And just you wait until they bring back all those carefully posed holiday snaps.

8. TV Snobs

You actually like Reality TV? And watch RTÉ? Oh dear. Would you not get into a decent Scandinavian mystery drama instead, no? Get a bit more culture?

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9. Parenting Snobs

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It’s surprising that there hasn’t been a school gate smackdown yet.

10. School Snobs

Oh so that’s where you went to school? Didn’t like 12 of your year end up pregnant?

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11. Music Snobs

Nobody who listens to Beyoncé can talk about music. Wake up sheeple, don’t you know it’s just mainstream propaganda that comes direct from ‘the man’?

Sure there’s nothing better than being consistently looked down upon for something as inconsequential as what’s on your iPod, eh?

12. Book Snobs

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Don’t dare discuss your favourite authors. Heaven knows you just can’t win.

13. Movie Snobs

Oh, I don’t know how I felt about the plot really. I was far too busy thinking about this concept you can’t even begin to understand and what it means for this other far better film you’ve never even heard of.

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14. Plain Old Snobs

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Don’t even bother. You’ll ALWAYS be wrong.

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