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14 insane trends that actually happened in 2015

What a time to be alive.

IT WAS QUITE the year for bizarre but compelling fashion trends around the world in 2015.

Sure you remember them well:

1. Like the plastic bag onesie

onesie1 Source: Facebook

Don’t act like you don’t remember this trend from Taiwan. Sure they just took The Rubberbandits’ gag and ran with it.

2. Bubble nails had their moment in the spotlight as well

Bubble nails are the new talked about nail trend on everyone's lips. What's your take? Are 3D nails the new must have, or are you in agreement with those who say that it looks like wood glue and gum balls? #bubblenails #nails #trend #beauty #beautytrend #3dnails #internationalnews #instabeauty #beautyblogger #trendwatch Source: thinkliquorice

The effect is achieved by “building and sculpting” regular acrylic nails to create a curved shape.

Ah, yes.

3. Some people thought washing your hair with Coke was a legit beauty trick

cokehair1 Source: YouTube

This blogger tested it and gave it two thumbs up.

4. Plastic food hair clips were real

TB2mOQDfXXXXXc5XpXXXXXXXXXX_!!2628061831 Source: taobao.com

Uh huh. Over in China hair clips got interesting.

5. Making DIY braces with floss


Oh yes, it happened. And it’s not good for your teeth at all.

6. 2015 started with the phenomenon of #FirstDateSelfies becoming a reality

"First date at the zoo with this pretty little number....the only place that could handle me" Source: sobocana2

What a way to begin it all.

7. The dyeing of the armpit hair was everywhere in the summer

dying1 Source: New York Times

In many ways, 2015 was the year of armpit, but it was also the year where loads of people dyed it too.

8. The gringe became a thing in 2015 too

The Daily Mail explained:

Dubbed the ‘gringe’, or the ‘grown-out fringe’ by hairdressers, it is a classic tried-and-tested style…

Don’t forget the gringe in 2016.

9. Fake freckles were in with some people

freckles Source: Instagram

It’ll probably never take off here – we all have enough.

10. The hair trend that makes it look like you have bean sprouts growing from your head existed

My friends came back from China and brought me a bean sprout. #China #fashion #fashun #beansprout #whut #potd #ootd #lol #plantlife Source: justjulieanna

Its origins are even cuter than you’d think.

11. Hair tapestry hit heights you never thought possible in August

hairtapestry2 Source: Instagram

The festival-appropriate style is achieved by weaving pieces of string into hair with the help of a loom. You can get the style with extensions or you can weave the yarn directly into your tresses.

So now.

12. Heart bangs took over Instagram

하트 앞머리ㅋㅋㅋ이러고 다녀블랑께~~~~ Source: sson.yj


13. Hangover make-up

#aegyo #애교 #aegyosal #cuteeyebags #makeup Source: jessimoorerox

#HangoverMakeUp saw women smudging their make-up and making their eyes look puffy on purpose.

14. And finally, merman hair hit peak fashion in 2015

merman Source: Instagram

The colourful, ocean-inspired do might never hit such heights again.

What a time to be alive. What will 2016 bring? We can’t wait.

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