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12 fascinating facts about orgasms you never knew

The more you know.

1. First of all, the male and female orgasm aren’t all that dissimilar

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According to Brown University:

For both men and women, an orgasm produces rapid muscle contractions usually in the genital and anal area and sometimes throughout the body.

Lads typically experience 4 -6 contractions, while gals experience 6 – 10 contractions.


2. According to some research, there are four distinct types of female orgasms

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Clitoral, vaginal, blended and multiple, to be exact.

  • Clitoral orgasm happens after, well, clitoral stimulation.
  • Vaginal orgasms refer to orgasms that happen through penetration alone.
  • Blended orgasms refer to a combination of a clitoral and a vaginal orgasm.
  • Multiple orgasms refer to having, er, loads of orgasms.

; )

3.  Upon orgasm, a man will typically ejaculate…

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…between 1 and 5 millimetres of sperm.

And an average human ejaculate apparently contains 180 million sperm, although some might contain as many as 400 million.

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4. Oh, and there’s a reason why men get tired after, ahem, arriving

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Men experience a rush of chemicals to their brain after they orgasm including oxytocin, prolactin and serotonin, all of which make men feel rather snoozy.

So try not to be too hard on your partner the next time he falls asleep.

5. The word “come” has been in use for hundreds of years

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It might sound like a newfangled phrase, but people have been using the term for hundreds of years, according to the Online Etymology Dictionary.

They estimate it dates back to the 17th century.

In fact, here’s a song from 1650 that makes reference to it.

They lay soe close together, they made me much to wonder/I knew not which was wether, until I saw her under/Then off he came, and blusht for shame soe soon that he had endit;/Yet still she lies, and to him cryes, “one more and none can mend it”

So now.

6. In France, an orgasm is sometimes known as “le petit mort”

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Which translates to “a little death”.


7. Both men and women can experience sleep orgasms

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Sexy dreams will do that to you.

8. And spontaneous orgasms are totally a thing

spontaneous Source: Reddit

A surprise orgasm, if you will. The kind that happens without any prior warning.

WiseGeek says it is more common in women and can happen when they are:

.. participating in common activities such as riding a bike or a horse, exercising or simply wearing tight clothing, because all of these actions can cause friction against the clitoris and vulva.

But there have also been reports of women having a spontaneous orgasm during Project Runway. Sure, it might feel a bit odd or unexpected, but once they don’t happen too regularly, there’s nothing to worry about.

9. It’s not just women who have been known to “fake” them

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It’s not just women who are capable of putting on a Meg Ryan performance. Yes, men fake orgasms, too.

A 2010 study found that 25% of men reported faking an orgasm at one time or another.

The most common reason for faking it? Not wanting to upset their partner.

10. Some women experience orgasm-like sensations during childbirth

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A study published in 2013 found that some women, though not many, experienced “orgasmic sensations” during birth.

8 women out of 206,000 experienced full-blown orgasms while giving birth.


11. Condoms don’t affect the quality of your orgasms, lads

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So it’s time to retire that excuse.

12. And, no, there is no evidence to suggest that eating a yoghurt or a single square of Galaxy will induce an orgasm

No matter that advertising tells you.

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