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11 reasons why Intermission was every Irish teen's favourite film

Celtic mysticism.

1. To this day, you *always* watch it when it comes on the telly – even though you’ve seen it approximately 27 times

inter 2 Source: BlogSpot

2. You’ve definitely contemplated putting brown sauce in your tea at one time in your life

brownsauce Source: Pinterest

An iconic subplot.

3. You have a unique appreciation of “Celtic mysticism”

304364.1 Source: Fwcdn

“my only really human quality to speak of is a fondness for Celtic mysticism.”

Every one of Colm Meaney’s lines cracks you up.

4. Some of the quotes are just timeless classics

5. There was a period in the mid ’00s where Xtra-Vision seemed to give away a free DVD of Intermission with every purchase

dublinbus2 Source: YouTube

Hooked a generation.

6. It was nice to see some seriously strong Irish accents on film that actually sounded legit

7. Deirdre O’Kane’s character was the real hero of the story

okane Source: YouTube

8. It gave Colin Farrell one of his lines on film, too

farrell Source: Wordpress


9. You had a new found appreciation of Dublin Bus drivers after it

dublinbus Source: YouTube

10. Watching it with your parents in the room was great craic

intermission_background Source: Fact

Swearing, sex scenes and casual armed robbery. Just what you need.

11. And sure doesn’t everyone love a happy ending (except for the sheep)

intermission2 Source: Wordpress

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