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12 indulgences you could only get away with on International Chocolate Day

All the chocolate, all the time.

IT’S INTERNATIONAL CHOCOLATE day. Time to get chocolate wasted.

You can’t do these on an average day without drowing in guilt (and chocolate), but today, throw all caution to the wind.

1. Go on, eat Nutella from the jar

It’s only about 4,000 calories, so finish off the whole thing.


Take this guy’s lead.

Source: Furious Pete/YouTube

2. Add a little chocolate to your coffee

‘A little’.

8672e766d62b5f5488cf7c7b703213e9 Source: Pinterest

Or find ways to work it into your tea consumption.

BSSn8 Source: Imgur

JArdu Source: Imgur

3. Just have some chocolate for breakfast


Mnr44mV Source: Imgur

If you’re watching your cholesterol, pour it over your cereal instead of milk.


4. Drench healthy snacks in chocolate

There’s no time for fruit today.

3IdHBRr Source: Imgur


5. Hell, just have a chocolate dinner too

Bake it.

Pm0XchA Source: Imgur

Or fast food it.

0KDus3w Source: Imgur

6. Gratuitously pour melty chocolate on things

Every, thing.




7. Use maths to magically make more chocolate

Any other day it would just seem an excessive waste of time and borderline desperate.


8. Make your furniture chocolate

OK you’re pushing it now, but we’re still on board.

s8nr1jn Source: Imgur

9. Paint with chocolate

Paring a pencil has never been so delicious.

chocolatepaint Source: Imgur

10. Eat it in whatever way you want

Today, silly rules and ‘conventions’ don’t apply.

aoRwYsb Source: Imgur

11. Supersize it

Regular Kinder Eggs are for regular days.

picture 14 split shell snuff shot Source: Pimpthatsnack

Last Rolo? Make it last.

Pimp_0016 Source: Pimpthatsnack

12. Drink a chocolate beer to unwind

Just plain notiony any other time. But today, anything goes.

What a time to be alive.

H4oyxnB Source: Imgur


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