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Poll: Will you cook a pancake for Pancake Tuesday?
It’s a big day tomorrow – but will you be indulging?
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Dunnes Stores' Asian restaurant Neon racked up a tasty profit last year
The eatery was acquired by the retailer nearly two years ago.
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14 junk foods you can eat on World Vegan Day guilt-free
Have your cake and eat it too.
# tangle twister
There's a new purple Tangle Twister on sale in Ireland -- here's what you need to know
Don’t mind if we do.
# tum excitement
Here's where the first Five Guys restaurant will be opening in Dublin
Can. Not. Wait.
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Here’s what it’s like inside the top 10 restaurants in Ireland
No spicebags here.
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Here's what your favourite foods look like sliced directly down the middle
The images weren’t easy to create.
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The best dessert in 25 countries around the world
Forget that diet.
# fine dining
So what's the best restaurant in your neck of the woods?
The Irish Restaurant Awards last night crowned eateries across the country.
# comfort food
Forget 'notions' food like quinoa and lentils, Irish people still love bacon and cabbage
We’re a traditional bunch…
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Urine sample sours are the only Halloween sweets you'll want this year
Taking the piss or what.
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Are you a start-up food producer? There's 150 reasons to celebrate
Finally some good news for Enda Kenny today…
# pestaurant
There's going to be a 'pestaurant' serving edible bugs at this year's Ploughing Championships
Two words: curry crickets.
# chocoday
12 indulgences you could only get away with on International Chocolate Day
All the chocolate, all the time.
# melty gooey cheesy
You've been making grilled cheese sandwiches wrong this whole time
No room for the oven grill here.
# big debate
Join the great scone debate: Is it pronounced scohne or scon?
Leave your prejudices at the door, this is serious business.
# champions dinner
'I didn't think I'd get away with a Vegemite sandwich': Scott serves up steak and 'bugs' at Augusta
Not a shrimp or a barbie in sight.
# taste so good
The wait is over: Superquinn sausages go on sale in SuperValu today
Not only have the sausages been rolled out nationwide but the increase in demand from our hungry tummies has created 12 jobs.
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The best thing to eat in 18 countries around the world, but what about Ireland?
There must be some dish Ireland can offer to rival the likes of Malaysia’s nasi lemak or Mexico’s mole sauce.
# burgerlicious
The deep-fried mac and cheese burger is the latest to melt hearts
Figuratively, and possibly physically.
# food porn
11 Instagram accounts sure to make you drool
From Ireland and beyond.
How many of these unconventional burgers do you want to try?
There’s a lot going on in burger land, people.
# Against the odds
These bizarre food combinations will blow your MIND
Ever thought about putting cream cheese with jam? You’ve been missing out.
# 99 heaven
The DOs and DON'Ts of eating a 99
It is harder than it looks.
# food heaven
Cronuts are coming to Ireland and you should be very excited
The way we eat croissants and doughnuts is going to change forever.
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Open thread: What's the best way to cook a steak?
Do you put the sizzle in the steak?
# god's food
13 reasons pizza is the world's most perfect food
You will salivate. A lot.
# money cakes
7 desserts that will make you choke on your apple crumble
A €25,000 pudding?!
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PIC: 'Suitcase crammed full of chocolate and crisps' pic of the day
Niall O’Rourke is heading back to Sweden soon – and he’s not really a fan of the country’s confectionery.
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Excuse me, do you have any Slag Cream?
Of course we do.
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Pics: How to eat a hot dog like the world's most powerful man
A sausage-sandwich lesson with Barack Obama.
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More evidence that chocolate (even the milk kind) is good for men
But it’s not an excuse to overeat it, warns researchers.
# Chequered
Top 10 worst kits: Inspired by the launch of Manchester United's gingham masterpiece
You won’t know whether to cheer Rio Ferdinand on next season or lay out a scrumptious picnic on his back.
# Not so sweet
Thorntons chocolate shop closures could affect Ireland
The chocolate maker has three stores in Dublin.