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5 reasons we will actually kinda miss the horrors of Internet Explorer

We hardly knew ye.

IT’S TIME TO begin mourning the official demise of Internet Explorer. Microsoft announced today that they would be replacing the browser with a new lightweight model that will allow Chrome extensions.

But we’re going to miss the fossil.

1. What will you use to check why Chrome isn’t working?

IE always greeted you like an old (old, old, old) friend. The new browser will be like some slick wannabe who doesn’t get your plight.

iiYTIOI Source: Imgur

x1ydhFp Source: Imgur

2. Who will employ all these toolbar developers?

PGNLPCb Source: Imgur

2s1mM Source: Imgur


v6l2kud Source: Imgur

3. Who will we look to in times of weakness for inspiration?

rl9gATt Source: Imgur


4. Or express how you truly feel

eJZ5sYd Source: Imgur

Iobe8pb Source: Imgur

5. Or make cool art?

zFnET8r Source: Imgur

wPhIFqp Source: Imgur

RIP Internet Explorer

qXoWmz6 Source: Imgur

It’s finally time to say goodbye to Internet Explorer 6>

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