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12 examples of how social media tears romance apart
Do you think Cupid has a Twitter? No. No, he does not.

SOCIAL MEDIA CAN often be a bit of a rocky road.

So can our love lives.

Put the two together and… Well, put it this way, it’s not exactly a marriage made in heaven. (Little relationship pun for you, there. No charge.)

You know every detail before you’ve even met

You know where they went on holidays in 2010 from the Facebook photo albums, who they’re friends with and where they hang out.

Meeting them for the first time in real life is a constant battle of poker face, trying not to let slip all this contraband information you know. KEEP IT ZIPPED. YOU DON’T WANNA LOOK WEIRD.

When to add them?

You’ve met a few times in the pub or through mutual friends. You don’t want to seem too eager, so you hold off with the Facebook add. But you don’t want to seem stand-offish either. So… When? WHEN?


Source: Imgur

Their old tagged photos are horrifying

You know they’re hot now. But Jesus. Who let them have that haircut in 2007? Can you look them in the eye knowing they plucked their eyebrows like that in 2009? The shine is coming off them. Fast.

Source: Xaxor

Any and all communication past midnight

Put down the phone after 12. Please take it from us on this one.

Source: Her Campus

Turns out they abuse hashtags

“Wow,” you think to yourself. “I’ve met someone I like – that I really like – for the first time in ages. I’ve got butterflies!”

Then you log onto their Twitter. #YOLO #LOL #SMH #SomePeople. Nightmare.

Source: Strategexe

The nightmare of listing and de-listing a relationship

The agony and the ecstasy.

Source: The Meta Picture

They Instagram all the food on your first date

Lovely restaurant, fine wine, good conversation. Well, a conversation that is halted at every course by them meticulously detailing the food and ambiance on social media. DROP THAT PHONE.

Creeping on their ex

This one is a serious mood-killer. Don’t ask about their ex. Don’t stalk their ex on social media. Don’t compare your profile picture to that of their ex. Don’t.

Source: Venus Buzz

Subtweets if they’re annoyed

Passive-aggression is a fact of life in long-term relationships. Forget to take out the bins? Expect a snitty text or note on the kitchen table.

But technology has enabled us to subtly slag our other halves without naming them across wider and more diverse platforms. Did your partner forget to feed the cat for the third day running? Fire up the tweet machine and GO POSTAL.

Source: Twitter/@Henryomfg

Distracting them with links

If your beloved has a more relaxed work environment than you, or is at home during the day, you can often expect a barrage of texts, emails or funny cat GIFs. ( is probably responsible for a good chunk of those GIFs, so soz.)

Stop the constant communication! We’re at work!


The mystique is gone

There’s no mystery or intrigue in budding relationships any more. That’s something we’re all resigned to in long-term relationships, but do you really need to know what that guy you went on one date with ate for breakfast?

Well, thanks to his Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Vine and whatever you’re having yourself, you now know every little last detail. And often wish you didn’t.

Source: Dissociated

Long term relationship silence

You go out for dinner, and your partner is glued to their phone. Conversation deadzone. You’re sitting on the couch watching TV, and your other half is STILL glued to their phone.

Remember when couples used to talk?

Source: We Heart It

(Us neither.)

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