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17 wonderful inventions to solve all your first world problems

Never be slightly irritated ever again!

1. A home-made device for not dropping your book in the bath

Source: Imgur

2. A stand for drinking tea on the sofa

Source: Imgur

3. A revolutionary chopping board arrangement

Source: Imgur

4. An extendable plug socket

Source: Yankodesign

5. A backpack hammock

Source: Kickstarter

Source: Kickstarter

6. A bedsheet that marks the halfway point to resolve all disputes

Source: Swiss-miss

7. Ketchup sachets that you can either squeeze out, or open up for dipping

Source: Imgur

8. A keyhole for drunk people

Source: theawesomer.com

9. A mattress for cuddling

Source: Imgur

10. Stair drawers

Source: Imgur

11. A keyboard cover and food tray

Source: Dti

12. A little gadget for holding books comfortably in one hand

Source: Abcstuff

13. A lightbox that tells you exactly how to pour a perfect cocktail

Source: Izismile

Source: Izismile

Source: Izismile

14. Optics for fizzy drinks

Source: Imgur

15. A bookmark that points to exactly where you were on the page

Source: Kulfoto.com

16. A toothbrush that stands up on its own

Source: Ryan Harc

17. And a pillow that prevents dead arms.

Source: Imgur

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