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Apple for dopes: 11 things to know about the new iPhone announcements

Alert: There is a PINK iPhone now.

APPLE HAS BEEN dominating online chat all day with a host of big announcements on everything from selfie buttons to brand new iPhones.

But what’s actually going on? Well, it all looks something like this:

1. There are two new iPhones, and they come in rose gold colour (basically pink)

Tweet by @ㅤ Source: /Twitter

The new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have a rake of other features as well – and will probably make it to Ireland around October.

But the colours have everyone talking.

2. As they also come in silver, grey and gold

Tweet by @Adrian Weckler Source: Adrian Weckler/Twitter


3. The new screen also looks seriously slick

Tweet by @فيصل السيف Source: فيصل السيف/Twitter

Like, 3D slick.

How will this impact our lives? We don’t know yet, but 3D could have some interesting possibilities.

4. And it will have a load of features right at your finger tips


Kind of working like a ‘right-click’ on a mouse, you’ll be able to access loads of stuff with a pop up menu, shown above.

5. Apple is also now selling a pencil, and it will cost you about €90

pencil Source: Twitter

6. And you use it with their brand new iPad – which is MASSIVE

ipadpro Source: Twitter

Look at it there. It’s the size of an old school textbook – but obviously thinner. The iPad Pro is the biggest tablet they have ever made – and it looks it.

7. There are new Apple Watches as well, and they too have new colours

sportwatch Source: Twitter

Gold and Rose Gold versions would make you rush out and get one, right?

8. Your lock screen just got a whole lot cooler

Tweet by @Mashable GIF Source: Mashable GIF/Twitter

GIFs on your lock screen. What a time to be alive.

9. There’s a snazzy new tagline used too

Tweet by @Raz Source: Raz/Twitter

10. The iOS 9 update will be rolled out on September 16th

Tweet by @Süleyman Buğra Avcı Source: Süleyman Buğra Avcı/Twitter

So, another round of outrage and updates await. It will never be as bad as the iOS 7 debacle, thankfully.

11. And finally, and most importantly, the new iPhones have an “emergency selfie” feature

Tweet by @Brodie Brazil Source: Brodie Brazil/Twitter

The phrase was mentioned at the event and people were quick to roll their eyes:

Tweet by @Obstetrix Source: Obstetrix/Twitter

The selfie button is here.

This is a new dawn.

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