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iPhone users send filthier texts than those on Android

They’ve bitten the Apple of temptation.

A POLL SAID it, so it must be true.

iPhone users are more likely to sext than their Blackberry and Samsung counterparts, or at least, admit it.

What with apps such as Tinder and Snapchat so easily available, what’s the surprise?

A survey by YouGov found that over 30% of iPhone users had sent a sext, ahead of 21% of Blackberry users and just 17% Samsung owners.

Not only that, but 19% of all smartphone users admitted that they sent a sext or racy photo to the wrong person, with 4% of these sent to a mother-in-law. ARGH.

How many have been pure fails though? We’d guesstimate around 99.9%.

Science shows us:

sext-fails-its-dark Source: Imgfave



enhanced-buzz-23713-1387220062-13 Source: ThinkAmazingThings


All iPhones, figures.

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