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Which countries do Irish people wish Ireland was more like?

Ipsos MRBI asked 500 Irish people which European countries they fancied.

THE GRASS IS always greener on the other side, and Irish people have their eye on that grass.

Market research agency Ipsos MRBI did some poking around ahead of the Eurovision and European elections, and found out which countries Irish people would like Ireland to emulate – measuring our “Euro envy” if you will.

Around 500 Irish people were asked to look at a list of European countries and point out which one they would like Ireland to emulate.

The answers are very interesting.


Germany is on the minds of 19% of Irish people, while 15% think Ireland should be more like Sweden. A controversial 10% wish the Emerald Isle was more like the UK.

Here’s the sad part – in same survey conducted across the 11 other European countries, only 1% said they would like their country to be more like Ireland.

Here’s the full list of countries Ireland should be more like, in order:

  • Germany (19%)
  • Sweden (15%)
  • United Kingdom (10%)
  • Netherlands (6%)
  • Denmark (4%)
  • France, Spain (3%)
  • Italy, Austria, Finland, Luxembourg (2%)
  • Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Belgium, Cyprus (1%)

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