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This US clothing brand name has a completely different meaning in Ireland

Impact Reduction Apparel is fine, don’t shorten it…

IMPACT REDUCTION APPAREL make athletic street gear.


The only problem is, the shortened their name to this.

#IRA lid & tee for some Saturday action! Do you want your very own Impact Reduction Apparel hat and tee? Stay tuned as we have some new announcements about product and how YOU can be part of the movement! #IRApparel #cushionyourdome #aspringonehateus Source: ira_apparel

Repping at Alga Norte last Sunday! Like the tee? Want more? Let us know. #IRA #IRApparel #cushionyourdome Source: ira_apparel

Well, this is awkward. Hopefully they’re not too concerned with entering the Irish market any time soon.

We don’t think their street team going around sticking these on buildings would go down too well.

**Attention Shredders** if you want to be part of our Street Team head over to our FB page and send us a direct message! Or you can email us direct at: iramedia760@gmail.com #IRA #IRApparel #cushionyourdome #aspringonehateus Source: ira_apparel

#Repost from @maximus1376 with @repostapp is locked and loaded with sticks! For those of you who have messages us earlier this week the majority of you have been added to our mailing list and we will get some stickers out next week! Also, some Street Team members have asked about getting to the next level! We are reviewing all posts and will be notifying those who have gone on to the next level and get them dialed. Thanks everyone and enjoy the holidays with friends and family! #IRA #cushionyourdome #aspringonehateus #IRAapparel --- #IRAStreetTeam Source: ira_apparel

Spotted via Rachel Lynch

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