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# Clothing

Last year
# inflation crisis
17,000 apply for emergency social welfare payments for food, fuel and clothing in July alone
The number of applications has been rising month-on-month in light of the cost-of-living crisis.
# Covid-19
Penneys accounts show €72 million less revenue last year
The company’s stores opened for Christmas 2020 but closed in January and didn’t reopen until May 2021.
All time
# Healthcare
Covid-19 can survive on clothing for up to 72 hours, study shows
Researchers looked at how coronavirus behaves on three fabrics commonly used in the healthcare industry.
# presentation college
Female students at Carlow school 'told to not wear tight clothes to PE'
Thousands of people have signed a petition in protest over the situation.
# Bangladesh
'This piece of cloth is bathed in my blood, sweat and dignity': The fight to improve the lives of garment workers
The majority of Irish people care about the conditions of the factories where their clothes are made.
# hot and cold
New fabric automatically cools or insulates based on its environment
Before people realise they’re getting hot, the garment could already be cooling them down.
# Your Say
Poll: Do you make an effort to not buy fast fashion?
Cheap, disposable clothing has a big environmental impact.
# Rubber Bullets
Protesters trash H&M shops in South Africa in response to 'monkey' ad
The Economic Freedom Fighters organised protests at several H&M outlets in Johannesburg.
# spruce up
Want to refresh your wardrobe and save money? Here are some expert tips
We went to the Grafton Academy of Fashion Design to find out how to spruce up your wardrobe for less.
# Jervis Street
Forever 21 to close Dublin store and pull out of Ireland
The American chain’s Jervis Street store was opened back in 2010.
# Wild Cocoon
This Mayo designer has won two awards for her handwoven, luxurious 'agriculture fashion'
“I think even born city-dwellers have almost unconscious muscle memory of life in rural Ireland. We all share it,” according to designer Deirdre Duffy.
# fake faux fur
Warning to Irish shoppers as rabbit, mink and cat fur found in 'faux fur' clothes
The warning comes after a UK investigation revealed animal fur in fake fur products.
Teenager who founded gender neutral clothing business wins Youth Entrepreneur of the Year
Katie McGloin recently founded K.T. Clothing.
'I was looking for an excuse to come home. But there was a recession on and I had no job'
This businesswoman dabbled in a few careers before she brought the Inglot makeup brand to Ireland.
# Yanked
US retailer pulls Ivanka Trump fashion range due to slow sales
The decision comes after a campaign to boycott stores doing business with the new US president’s family.
# click and buy
Online shopping surged by 15% last month but shop sales suffered
The clothing and footwear sector continues to struggle.
# fashion darling
13 H&M shopping truths every one of you will get
The dream of the 90s is alive in H&M.
# irish you were beer
11 St Patrick's Day t-shirts that straight up make no sense
*bellows through bullhorn* NOTHING TO DO WITH US!
# California
School that sent student home for top that read 'Nobody Knows I'm a Lesbian' changes policy
The court heard that a teacher had her called to the office when she showed up in the shirt.
# short story
A girl was forced to miss a school test because her outfit was 'too distracting'
“She told me she’d rather me completely miss the test than distract the boys from doing well on theirs.”
# robes on film
Famous Irish movie costumes saved from "dying in an attic" or being dumped
Now they’re going on show in the Little Museum.
# Offensive
TK Maxx were forced to pull this ‘Je suis over it’ t-shirt after complaints
A customer claimed it was disrespectful to the Charlie Hebdo massacre.
# tk maxx
TK Maxx were forced to pull this 'Je suis over it' t-shirt after complaints
A customer claimed it was disrespectful to the Charlie Hebdo massacre.
# you're not a duck
10 items of clothing that got English spectacularly wrong
Oddly moving, all the same.
# Dilemma
Would you buy €2 t-shirts if you knew the real cost of them?
Do you care about who makes your t-shirts?
# lost in translation
This US clothing brand name has a completely different meaning in Ireland
Impact Reduction Apparel is fine, don’t shorten it…
# Stolen
Do you own any of these recycling bins? 18 of them are worth a total of €18,000
Gardaí recovered the recycling bins in Ashbourne.
# winter is coming
Show your love for Game of Thrones as Gaeilge in this amazing t-shirt
Wear your House Stark pride right there on your chest.
# Retail
Trading conditions in Ireland 'continue to be challenging', says M&S
The retailer reported a slight increase in womenswear sales and said that sales were impacted by launch of new website.
# space shuttle
American Apparel apologises for mistaking image of Challenger disaster for clouds
Seven people died in the 1986 tragedy.
# mammy knows best
Outraged mother buys clothes shop's entire ‘indecent’ t-shirt display
Well, it’s A way to get rid of them.
# destroy all clothing
A cheese grater, paint and glue... how to 'break down' a coat for the stage
Backstage at the Abbey Theatre, they sometimes like to destroy perfectly good pieces of clothing. Here’s why
# wearable tech
Will 2014 be the year of wearable tech?
The growing use of embedded wearable devices is spawning a massive industry geared to fitness, health and other goals.
# Retail
"Remarkable year" for Penneys as revenue rises by 22 per cent
The popular retail chain benefited from the strengthening of the euro and saw sales growth of 5 per cent.
# Factory Workers
Many Bangladesh factory collapse victims still waiting on compensation
To date only one company, Primark, has provided financial support to survivors and has called on other brands to follow suit
# sponsored by jacamo
Can you guess the heights of these famous sportspeople?
How do you measure up to the players on the pitch? Take our quiz.
# Retail
Examiner appointed to fashion chain A|wear
The company had been taken out of receivership by a group of investors in 2012.
# Dilemma
The Burning Question*: Do you 'put away' summer clothes?
Let distract you from the ‘serious’ news with one of life’s REAL dilemmas. (*not really)
# mind the gap
Meet the small Indian recycler in trademark war with Gap
Green the Gap has three stores in India and sells home decor and accessories made out of waste. Gap has asked them to change their brand.
# mesh
10 items of sunny-day wear we should banish forever
The sun can sometimes bring out the ugly side of our wardrobes.