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11 scented candles that truly capture the essence of Ireland

They definitely SHOULD make these scented candles, but they probably won’t.

FORGET OCEAN BREEZE or vanilla sunset.

Don’t you want to represent the smellerific Emerald Isle in your household? Or if you live abroad, wouldn’t you love to capture the essence of Ireland simply by lighting a candle?

Well, enter the imagination of DailyEdge.ie and let’s explore some distinctly Irish scented candles. (All made up of course – more’s the pity.)

1. Ham

For all those who have been looking for a candle to recreate the “bit of dinner” scent, look no further.

Source: Yankee Candle/Flickr/whitneyinchicago

2. Guinness aftermath

Any Guinness drinker will know that a few pints of the black stuff has an effect on the digestive system. Say no more. But if you LIKE that smell (to each their own) – then we have just the candle for you.


Source: Yankee Candles/Flickr/Carlos Luna

3. Post-match jersey

The sweaty post-match smell, either tinged with elation of winning or the disappointment of losing. Slung in a laundry basket and not thought about til the next game. Want to capture that enrapturing smell? Now you can.

Source: Yankee Candle/RetroGAA

4. Slurry

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Sometimes you’ve got to roll up the windows when you’re travelling by car through the Irish countryside. And why? Well, this heady, distinctive musk.


Source: YankeeCandle/Flickr/Eidoloon

5. Vienetta

Oh, Vienetta. The smell of luxury, of childhood delight, of Sunday nights.

Source: Yankee Candle/Everyview

6. Romance

You think Irish people aren’t romantic? Think again. Say hello to The Shift candle.

Source: Yankee Candle/Flickr/Lee J Haywood

7. A fried breakfast

A tricky one. Imagine smelling this drifting up to you from bed, only to emerge and realise it was a scented candle instead of rashers in the pan. A double-edged sword.

Source: Yankee Candle/Flickr/Swanksalot

8. Mass

Incense mixed with communion wafer mixed with mild boredom mixed with the sign of peace with the fella from three doors down.

Source: Yankee Candle/Flickr/Fr James Bradley

9. Curry chips

To evoke memories of brilliant nights out – and not-so-brilliant hangovers.

Source: Yankee Candle/Flickr/Abi Skipp

10. A nightclub carpet

The unmistakeable smell of an Irish nightclub at last orders. Musty old carpets, BO, some lingering fag breath, a pint, and the hope for the shift mingling together to create something … Something beautiful.

Source: Yankee Candle/Flickr/fudj

11. Your own house

Imagine you could bottle it when you went away. Your own bed and the comforting, familiar smell of your Mam as she wraps you in a big hug.

Source: Yankee Candle/boards.ie

Got any scented candle suggestions of your own? Leave them in the comments.

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