Dublin: 14 °C Monday 2 August, 2021

12 sure signs it's a sunny day in Ireland

“It’s too hot”.

THE SUN IS shining. We know, it’s not a common sight.

When it makes a special appearance, you can be pretty sure all of this is going to happen.

1. People state the obvious

Jesus, tis.

2. And complain

Topics include:

  • Having to actually go to work
  • The fact that it won’t keep until the weekend
  • The lack of paddling pools in the shops
  • Sweatin’. Sweatin’.

3. Everyone rushes to have lunch outside

Food just tastes so much better in the sun, while smokers hate everyone hogging the outside tables.

Dublin Weather Scenes. Pictured people Source: Sam Boal Photocall Ireland

4. Bagatelle will be playing on the radio

At any given moment.

Source: Matz Katz/YouTube

5. Everyone will buy one of these on their way home

IDShot_540x540 Source: Tesco

And none of these.

242553 Source: Mysupermarket

6. People flock to any source of water they can find

The Liffey, a fountain, or y’know, the sea.

Bo-bonUCcAEQAI_ Source: eddienolan28

7. Lads become allergic to their shirts

Germany Weather Source: PA Images

8. Everyone on social media will post a photo of their view

Again, usually a body of water will be included. It’ll definitely be of the Liffey if in they’re in Dublin.

9. A 99 is essential

We will find you, and we will eat you… right after we complain you are not 99c anymore.

11096600_1008675632493229_7910740298497067864_n Source: TheVillagePump

10. The patio furniture is cleaned off for a spot of sunbathing

No garden? You’ll make do.

CDNI37PUsAEiUZg Source: MuireannOConnel

11. Those people who spend so much money on their convertible will finally get to use it

And my God they will use it.


12.  The temptation to hit the pub after work will simply become too much

May we make a few suggestions?

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