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There's a fast food place in Taiwan called 'Ireland's Potato'

And that’s not all…

THE FACT THAT there’s a fast food place popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore called Ireland’s Potato isn’t the most interesting thing we’ve learned today.

UDGQhRx Source: Roomicube/Reddit Ireland

The most interesting thing is that Ireland’s most famous proverb in that part of the world is:

There are two things in the world that can’t be joked about: 1. marriage 2. potato.


Seems like a fairly solid rule to live by, to be fair.

The restaurant’s main selling point is that Irish people are quite literally crazy about potatoes, and so the rest of the world should be too:

pot Source: IrelandsPotato.com

They even sell something called Ghaeltacht’s Onion Rings:


Thanks to Roomicube for bringing this to our attention via Reddit Ireland

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